Saturday, June 25, 2011

Stylin' Master Bath Shelf

So a while ago,
(I know, I know)
I actually
a project.

It was the 1 hour bathroom shelf.

On the next to bottom shelf?
You remember my mini succulent garden post right?


Let's just say that I almost fired my housekeeper
(yes, I have a housekeeper, yes she is afraid of my dog).

Not merely because I came home one Monday afternoon
to find that mini garden in smithereens in the toilet room
stomped on as if someone had to dance to save
their little tootsies (or paws, I suppose)
from the gunshots dancing off the ground around them.

(she only comes 2 times a month
for about an 1 hr...
really, it's about toilets. 
You know my thing about toilets)

No, this was about how I jumped to embarrassing conclusions
about how since she doesn't like Ashers
she MUST have locked her in that tiny toilet room
while she did her job
in said tiny room
for about 5 hours

Never mind that the one with no thumbs
is dumb clever enough
to get her skinny self behind the door
accidently shut it
and then squeal and scream for hours on end
when she can't get out

And of course tear up a year's worth of
costco toilet paper
and my mini succulent garden
while she's in there.

let's not talk about the toilet paper holder
that she ripped off the wall
in her wild fit of rage
over the indignity of being locked in the
toilet room all day long.

She's a fighter.  I would have passed out.

I finally got around to re-styling that shelf.

With a little inspiration from the Pac Gal Auction House
where I saw this little cutie

I decided to actually stop hoarding
my sea shell collection
and actully display some of it

I hate the photography lighting in this dark corner of my house
There's a great little window that lets in just enough light
to give a prisoner hope she'll get out some day
And then an overhead light that is...well...sketch.

All said,
All I need on that shelf is a little plant
ie, the one from Crate and Barrel I pasted in there.

Alas, American Express isn't giving me any points to go shopping with
anytime soon.

They are probably still bitter that I went all the way around the world
on their points when I was a cardholder.
Then we jumped on to the next great card deal.

Given that we're one of those rare oddities (or used to be at least)
that annoyed companies by paying the bill in full each month
and jumping to the next great free flight offers when our old card
wouldn't give us anymore goodies.

All said, loving the Thank You Points I get now
(and so are Lowes and Home Depot where we redeem about 95% of said points).

But next time, Pottery Barn card.  I've seen some lovely sea goodies there
that will be on end of season close out soon enough.

Clearly, I have some shelf space to cover.

What do you think?
More wordy posts?
Or back to the short, sweet and simple?

I had a request to write more.
Why the heck not?

Unless you beg me not to of course.

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