Friday, January 4, 2013

No Kidding No nonsense Awesomeness | Sponsored

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of No nonsense for SocialSpark
All opinions are 100% mine.

Annnnnd a happy new year to you!
You know. There was a time when I ALMOST
got to stand in Time’s Square to watch the ball drop.
Seeing as I like to look cute if I might be on tv
I hate the cold (check that, I HATE the cold)
that didn’t happen.
Pregnancy issues aside,
I received a couple of samples of the new No nonsense tights and leggings in the mail.
And let me tell you.
If I were the fly by the seat of my pants type
(or, the seat of my leggings),
I might just have been dancing it up in warm,
fashionable style this New Year’s in NYC.
I know some of you are thinking that
no grown woman expecting a child in less than five months
should be thinking about anything so form fitting as tights.
Or even leggings for that matter.

Oh but you would be so wrong!
These tights are super comfy and super DUPER cute.
I love the texture and pattern that they give to a super simple outfit
and in this season of layering…you just cannot go wrong.

And that isn’t even taking into consideration that you could totally be a last minute party girl (just saying)
and totally hit up Target, Wal Mart or even Safeway (yes, I spied!!)
and pick up a pair of show stopping, style making awesomeness that won’t break the bank.
These are so seriously affordable that I can even get away with a whole closet full
before my better half starts eyeing the Visa statement.
(and I have a VERY big closet)

So you’re not a party girl?
Well neither am I.  I do, however LOVE my winter boots and my big sweater dresses.
Usually, two bits that just do NOT go together.

I was playing around in my closet an holy heck!
If I’m going to be indoors (with some heat)
I can pair the tights with a belted sweater dress, some thick long socks and my boots
and I actually look cuter than cute.  All about the accessories.
And if, instead, I’m heading out to check out my hubby on the slopes,
I can toss on the leggings with an unbelted long sweater layered over a colorful tank and toss on my snow boots and it is ON!
I should note.  The tights and leggings look great with more than just snow boots.
I’m just in that moody, sullen, cozy up with me stage right now and I might or might not have not one, but TWO pairs of new snow boots.
Though some girls are totally on the splash of color kick,
and No nonsense has some serious "lipstick for the legs" going on
(I mean seriously, check ou this video).

I’m all about the neutrals.
What I love about these new No nonsense styles is that even their neutrals are rich!
For example, I got Pop Black Leggings. and these awesomely textured gray tights.

Sometimes, the coolness of an accessory is in the texture or layer it adds
and I LOVED the texture and pattern of these gray tights I received.
Frankly, as a sista girl, I’m not trying to pull off yellow or purple.
So these were PERFECT.
I love that there was this subtle texturing and pattern.
On their own, they are a little statement piece because of the attention to detail on these.
Love. That.
All said, you should totally like No nonsense on Facebook
 and follow them on Twitter (
Who knows? 

Maybe you’ll run into style guru Jill Martin as she dishes fashion tips on Twitter
and kicks off a Facebook contest where you and a friend could win a chance to meet Jill in NYC
for a shopping spree.

I mean seriously, Jill is the NY correspondent for Access Hollywood.
And she wrote the NYT bestselling book we all live our lives by on an almost daily basis.
Or am the only person always screaming “I have nothing to wear!” as I try to get to work in the morning?
In any event, go win that.
So long as that friend is me.
Okay, that friend doesn’t have to be me.
Not guilt tripping you at all.
But before you go - help me decide.
Do I rock the tights or the leggings with this outfit?
You decide.
Or, when you win your trip with Jill,
ask her for me.
Happy New Year to all the sexy ladies out there.
We will all be burining it up in our new No nonsense leggings and tights.