On the Town | House 2

This is where we used to live
He was there from Fourth of July weekend, 2005.
I was there from start of the year in 2006.

It was right up the street from the Apt on the Water.
He bought it before it was complete.
That place gave us lots of good memories.
And that place gave us lots of heartache.

We sold this place
at a slight loss
right before the market tanked
so that we could move into Pinehurst.

It took a while to put this place on the market
because we (the HOA) was in a lawsuit
against the builder
and everyone else we could sue
from pretty much jump.

In the end,
it was actually a decently built place.
Pretty sound,
VERY spacious
very fun starter home.

We had a corner unit. 
The original neighbors to the right of us
moved to the East Coast for grad school.

They left the weekend after
I bought those awesome

I used that bathtub in our master
all of two times.

The blue star was my most expensive thrift store purchase to that point.
It cost me $9.
It was decor for our wedding.

(photo by the awesome Popes of G. Pope Photography)
Small doese of more wedding photos here
Grab your tissues slideshow here

In the guestroom
that mod vintage coffee table at the foot of the bed?
First time I went there (table at foot of bed)
and it was a $6 thrift store find.

Let me tell you about paint colors.
For about the first 70 months that he lived in this place
we had swatches of bold colors on the wall.
Wait for it. You will see.

We ended up painting all 2200 sf of this place
in one weekend.
It was a three day weekend.

We hated the girl scout thin mint green
that ended up in our living room.
But since we never spent time in there
and we were not in the mood to paint
We lived with it.

Robert took the photo above the fireplace.
The chess set was the first ever
Craigslist deal I went with him to pick up.
I was really scared.
We picked it up in an alleyway.
That is why I was scared.

The theater room in that place was AWESOME.
He wired in the projector and built the screen wall.
That room USED to be a hideous shade of
half slapped on orange.
He called it textured.
I called it
I don't want to paint anymore.

When we put it on the market,
we picked out a hideous pinky shade of green
from one of those stupid "this is your room"
kiosks at Lowes.

I literally cried when we said that was it. 
I wanted blue.  He was convinced green would be better.

Then we got it home
and on the walls
and it was my fave color ever.

Much better than the neon green than is in our current craft room.
We watched many a movie and hosted many a super bowl party in that room.

I LOVED this bedroom. 
Out of the window to the right,
we had the most awesome view
of Mount Rainier.

That armoire that you can barely see on the right edge of the photo?
He found that on the side of the road.
He refinished it.
He cut a hole in it.
We put our tv in it.

I knew he was the man for me when
he told me that story.

The chair was a Craigslist find.

Those lights.
We almost split up over them.
We used to have nipple lights
(you know what I'm talking about)

We finally found three lights (one is in the walk in closet)
that we liked better.

This was a really simple switcharoo.
Thing is,
I don't know how to do it
so I was convinced we should call a pro.

He said he had it.
So long as the electricity was off,
it was really easy.

He then proceeded to stick his metal screwdriver
into the mass of wires
behind the socket
and "shock" himself.

Which may or may not have shocked the pea out of me.
He was joking.
I was NOT laughing.
I might have stomped out.
And said something about folks ending up dead
because they cried wolf.

Months before that incident,
he sawed a new hole in our dining room ceiling
to hang this updated chandy.

Yes, he picked it out.
Cause he's cool like that.
And it was his place at the time.
Not our place.

Anyhow, the builders thought
it would be cool to hang the original hardware
about 2 ft off center.


I loved the second floor of this place.
It was SO open and spacious.
The green finally grew on us.

The red and yellow walls were awesome.
It was the fave room of most folks looking at our place when we sold.
So happy we didn't try to tone that down
and go all "neutral" on ya.

All things considered,
it was a really great place.

On the town.
House 2