Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Surprise! Healthy Snacking Tastes Great | Sponsored Post (Green Giant)

Jolly Green Giant

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I’m still alive.  Barely. 
But still alive.

If you hang out on my personal Facebook page,
then you know that life has been full of unpleasant surprises lately.

Which is kind of shocking for most people because I am the luckiest (in a good way) person most people know.  That considered, I’ve had some time to unearth some long papered over surprise talents and reconnect with other not so secret talents. 

For instance, it is no surprise to most folks that I am a gardener.

Other folks think I’m not really all that hot on cooking.

Given that the two go hand in hand,
it might be a bit of a surprise that I actually LIKE cooking and baking. 
Especially when it comes to turning food from my garden
into complicated little bits of gastronomical pleasure.

One such adventure was in making things like homemade purple potato chips 
and growing Kale for kale chips.

Let me tell you.  Homemade chips are a hassle to make. No matter how easy the veggies may be to grow.  And living in the Pacific Northwest renders a good part of the year worthless for healthy snack making for this amateur.

So imagine my surprise
when Green Giant contacted me about a huge surprise they have going on.

In this day and age, eating healthy is HARD when you’re a workaholic.  

Eating healthy and finding time to make healthy food to eat – that’s magically talented.

And Green Giant has mad talent with their new Veggie Snack Chips
that taste super great. 

I know, I’ve actually tried the Sea Salt Sweet Potato chips.

They are SUPER tasty
(probably because I’m on a sweet potato everything kick lately) 
and I’m not saying they are sprinkled with magic
(because I’m certain they are NOT)
but it was the first time in a while now
that I could open a snack bag,
eat something really delicious
and be satiated BEFORE getting to the guilty bottom of the bag. 

I’m certain I ate more than one serving in one sitting,
BUT I didn’t eat the whole bag. 
If these are NOT magic sprinkled,
they should patent whatever made that possible.

You know I would never lead your tastebuds wrong.

Grab a bag.  Check out what they have going on via their Facebook page.
And tell me what your fave veggie chips are.