Monday, November 29, 2010

Vintage Finds | Two French Hens - Bingo Cards

I love some bingo
Not like my mom and auntie do
but it reminds me of my granny
and how I got to spend lots of
quality time with her
at the bingo hall

I love the blotters
but I imagine
that if I would have had these
really unique, reusable
very sustainable
bingo cards
from back in the day

Vnacouver, WA antique bingo card

I would still find my way
to the bingo hall today.

Two French Hens
is a great little store
right next door to my
fave thrift store of all times

It is in Burien
right next to the Salvation Army
They also have a nursery
right next door
That I think I may have to visit
this spring.

What are some of your fave antique markets?

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thankfully Small Thanksgiving - 2010

The one day of the year
where we are commanded
to be thankful
for all the stuff we have
and people we love
and just general goodness.

I'm thankful
that we don't
have a houseful of people
at Thanksgiving

All the better for me
to cuss my Cowboys out
all day long
with no one hearing the awful words
that spew from my mouth.

Carry on.

Happy Thanksgiving.
I'm truly thankful
that you take time to stop by
and humor my humor
every now and again.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Growing on me

A while back
I asked ya'll if I should
or should not
paint this mirror black

 Dining Room Mirror Original

ya'll said heck yeah.
Which meant that really,
I'd just be doing what everyone else
thought was cool
(I mean, really, that's what it means)
And I would be (potentially)
throwing away a perfectly good mirror
if it didn't work out right
A perfectly good mirror that has some really
history for us.
And so I thought to myself
"Self, it really isn't THAT bad is it?"
And you know what,
it is starting to grow on me
Once I got through the
"with gray and charcoal walls, everything must be nickel/satiny/silver"
I really started to like the idea of maybe darker gray walls
and keeping the mirror gold
Especially with the mustard colored curtains in there now
and maybe some gray trim on the curtains
(which needs to happen anyhow because the curtains are too short)
I think it might really grow on me
Thanks for helping me to see the light
I'm going to procrastinate hold off a little longer
and see if it really grows on me

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Usually | My House

Most of the folks who follow this here blog
Are people who have actually been to my house

And met my puppymutt Ashley
And seen my house....uhhmmm...

"fully staged"
You know, for guests.
For photos.
For the heck of it.

But when they put two and two together, they're curious how we really live.

Let me show you
Main landing

Given that my chair/nook
are right in front of her fave window
the one she always spends the day at
to the point that neighbors walking their kids
past our house
are often overheard saying
"look, up there...see the puppy?"

First, I would come home to the chair tossed to the side
so that she could get to said window

Then she started exploring my fave world
(you remember the cool knickknacks nook post right)
with her little puppy paws and puppy teeth

And I had to remove all said coolness
to the bathroom

That we never use

How do you live when the camera and the blog
are not on?

Sunday, November 7, 2010

On Deck | Scrap Room in a box

it isn't like we don't have a ton of space
for a real sized scrap room

But the reality is that I do most of my scrapbooking

And, the more space I have, the more "stuff"
I acquire

So I'm going to relinquish the biggest guest bedroom
so that it can be a guest bedroom again

I'm going to organize my computer desk in the office
So that that can be an office again

And I'm going to squeeze all my "hobbies"
into a this closet

Scrap Closet before

Using pretty much the furniture already in there
and these shelves that I got off of Freecycle
(aka, for free - well, if you don't count the 97 tears
8 gallons of sweat and full tank of patience)

Freecycle shelves for scrap nook

I estimate that this project will only take me
half of forever
to even get started

There's the small matter that I cannot GET to said closet
because there is a whole bunch of baggage in the way

Physical and emotional

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Design Around: Creamy White

Now we all know
the home bloggity world
is abuzz around all things

But not just white
The right KIND of white

Which, in this place is a challenge. 
I love the warm creamy white
that is my trim color
throughout most of the house

Especially against all the grays
(which, evidently, help the naturescape)
and the polished silver.

But downstairs
in the bloodroom,
I mean the red rooms

I'm trying to design a nautical
and/or beachy small bathroom
around these creamy whites

Beachy dreams, lower floor bathroom

I think I can make it happen.
Even though this room is right around the corner
from this

Lower Floor Mantle

I'm going to make that tomato soup happen
Believe that.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Around Pinehurst - November (Nautically Not)

I think the only thing
that maybe would have been worse
than the red walls we have downstairs
would have been orange walls
at least for 11 months out of the year

Christmas walls all year long - Lower level, Pinehurst

I really wanted to go with
a nautical theme down here
I've resigned myself to the fact
that wooden boats are nautical enough
wooden boats can stand a little red
and if I really want to go seaside
I'm going to have to do what I swore
I would never do again

Paint some walls
President's Weekend 2008
memories that just won't go away
my bones start creaking and aching
just thinking about those three

Happy November!