Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Week 22 Random Pinehurst

we call Ashley
"Puppy Cow"

Not because she looks like a cow
although this one is quite cute
like my not quite puppy, puppy.

But because when you blow gently on her ears
she flicks them

like a cow.

That wheat grass is
out. of. control

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Just Because (the Food Post)

because it just ain't right.

But also because
he is broken
and I am a good wife.

I once blogged about being that girl
in a Benz
rollin' up to Wal Mart.

What was that saying about taking a girl out of the hood
but not taking the hood out of the girl?

Or something or another.

Well, more real to my form
(as Renton Wal Mart scares me...)
would be rolling up to Grocery Outlet
in my Benz
(chill, I don't drive a Benz.  Yet)

So I was there picking up the rug for my entryway
and 2 white teapots to add to this collection
(hey - bet you'll be at a Grocery Outlet tomorrow eh?)

And in the avoidable "meat" aisle
I found this

And this vegetarian jumped for joy.
Don't you judge me.

I have vivid memories growing up
eating only the filthiest meat products on this earth
Pass the menudo and the chorizo please.

One morning,
I popped up super bright
and super early
all set and ready to make
french toast
like they make at 909.

Then I got downstairs
and remembered I had chorizo

Now.  I know I can go from 0 - 60
in the grumpy department
when I'm expecting french toast
and someone brings me an omlette
on a tray

So I raced upstairs
and asked my better half
if he would be okay with Chorizo instead.
I even offered to make both

because he gave me the slow
Which I first mistook for dissapointment.

Because really,
what self respecting southern Cali guy
wouldn't know what Chorizo is?

My inquisitive nature kicked in and I asked
"so, you know what chorizo is right?"
to which he didn't really respond.

Just because
it is so. not. right
for a grown So. Cal Gentleman
to go his whole life without knowing
I whipped some up.

In three easy steps,
this sister girl did her man right



Next up
(whoa now gag reflex)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Gutsy | Gutless Redo (antique/handme down wood)

is the first piece of furniture
I really bought

I mean, don't get me wrong
I bought a couple of really cheap parsons chairs
and a thrifty coffee table
and a couch and a loveseat

Okay.  So I've bought furniture before.

THIS piece though,
has history.

The first time my mom visited Seattle
and got to hang out with my better half
we swung by a couple of yard sales

This was back in the day
(and still really)
when Yard Sales were not his thing
He was a good sport and put on the game face
and said something to the effect
that Yard Sales are just ebay in real life.

Uh huh.

I was living in the MIL/Basement apt
of this great waterfront property
Man I miss that place

Up the road
(and up the tram that carried you down to my place)
was a yard sale
where this crazy woman
sold me this gorgeous piece
for $10

Granted.  It is delicate.
But it has made it through
a move down the tram and into my place (where I first discovered the wobbles)
a move up the tram and into HIS place (whereby a door got looser and he gently prodded)
a move into storage (whereby a drawer fell apart and he gently urged)
and a move into this place, down the hill (whereby a foot was stripped and he threatened)

All the while,
I've LOVED this piece.

Never in my wildest dreams contemplated painting it.
But now everyone else is doing it.
And I kinda sorta wanna give it a whirl

I mean, it's not like spray painting a chair.
And more and more, I'm pretty certain it has an interesting backstory

I don't know if I am gutsy enough to paint it.
Might have to paint some other stuff first
and then when it stands out too much
then go to town

I have a buttery/creamy yellow, a teal and a turquoise. 
And of course some white


Decisions, descisions.

If you painted it,
what would you do to it?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Week 21 Random Pinehurst


One day.

The elephant ears
that I planted
in my yard
will yield stalks long enough
to make a statement

Or not.
These work too.

Can't wait to go on my

Just. Saying.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sellers Remorse | 2011 Spring ROA sale

The annual spring ROA community sale was awesome.

not so much.

Saturday - told everyone
was 50% off

And stuff FLEW

The things I MOST regret selling:

Look closely.
2nd shelf
far right bookshelf
that big wooden button on a stand for $1.50

This gorgeous writing desk and chair
which I scored for



and it still pained me to part with
the lovely writers desk for $80

she wanted it so bad
she probably would have paid $150 for it
if she had the cash on her.

Leaning up against the chair
is a white knobbed
shower curtain rod

That was sold to a lovely lady
who also took my waffle weave shower curtain

(true enough)
I have like 14 waffle weave shower curtains
and only two bathrooms to hang curtains in

but still
$7.50 for the rod and curtain

I'll show ya what I got in exchange
for my sacrifices

Note to self
Buy a TON of DVDs
because that is what folks want to buy

As a sweet aside,
thank you tons to Sarah
who said that my sale was the most interesting
most beautiful
most gorgeous
on the ridge

Said one of TWO people
(I kid you not)
who stopped by on Friday.

Next time,
CL ads for reals.
Saturday only
3 hours then shop.


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Yard Sale Season

Will you be stopping by?

Annual Snoqualmie Ridge Spring Sale
I'm up from 7:30 - 4

I'll continue the fun through Sunday
10 - 2

All items are 50% off Saturday
from 7:30 - 10 and from 2 - 4

On Sunday, another 50% off of what is left

Let me know if you need directions

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Week 20 Random Pinehurst

He gets stuck using it

I said "he"

My puppy is a she.

That is all.

6'6" for those still wondering...

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Nautical Flag Wall (check)

Loooong ago,
I put these up

My intention,
was to fill them
with these

I bought these at the CWB Auction
After my awesome print got sold out from under my nose
And before this sweet woman thought she was going to
swoop in at the last minute and outbid me.
I was ready to cut her.
Can't take me no where.

And finally

No idea why it takes me 7 months
to start
get bored
find something else to start
contemplate fininshing
make plans to finish
and then actually finish
any of the projects around this place.

Oh yeah.
I work
Feels like 2 jobs most days
Sometimes 3

If only it was legit
to be a stay at home mommy
to a puppy
I'd so get things done in maybe
6 months
or so.

Give or take a day or two.
Enjoy and thanks for hanging in there.

Friday, May 13, 2011

563 more spools to go

Thank goodness
I am patient

Maybe it will be ready
for his birthday next year

Happy birthday to the loveliest
all tangled up
I have had the pleasure
to ever know

and snuggle up with

And yes
I do anticipate
it will be another 563 spools
of Dollar Store 400 ft twine
before I get to half the size
of my inspriation ball in the first photo

Which means I could have bought 56 of them
(stupid sales tax)
and saved a year of ball chasing
let alone $575 on dollar store twine


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Week 19 Random Pinehurst


One downstairs
This one
and then another basket's worth.

Yet, everytime we go to Lowes
I'm somehow convinced
that we need to stop by Petco


she doesn't have enough

She leaves them all by her puppy windows
where she watches the world go by
as she waits patiently for us to come home

Happy puppy days.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Found This Week (May 8) | Kiddie School desk

I found lots of great pieces this week.
My fave find was this kiddie school desk

Now. This was not anything like
But.  I did find it at the Renton Goodwill
They also had (still have I think)
a bigger kid vintage school desk

This one (and that one too, when I bought this one)
was 50% off if you took it home with you
at the time of purchase.

If you had to come back for it, it was only 30% off.

It is really REALLY beat up
But that makes me love it more

On the fence about refinishing it
or leaving it as is.

Linking up at Rhoda's Thrifty Treasure Monday @ Southern Hospitality
Linking up to
Funky Junk's Themed Vintage Link Party

Maybe they'll have some ideas
And I'll get ideas of what else I want to start collecting.


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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Time Zones

Back during Week 12 of Random Pinehurst,
I showed you these clocks

Entry way from downstairs, to the main level.

Those clocks are in between
my super sized version of subway art
(click to readabout the 7 month long
process for creating those pieces
yes.  I am patient and determined if not very bright.
Read that as "I don't have a silhoutte because I'm not THAT COOL of a blogger."
Not bitter at all.  Okay, yes I am.
I mean really.  I was a Hall of Fame Scrapbooker for crying out loud.
I digress)

In ikea style
here are
step by step photos
so that you can recreate
your own
timezone wall

1.  2.

 3. 4.


6.  7.

8.  9.

11.  12.

Here are two more views

Facing the front entrance.

View from front door to back door.
Have fun with it.
What else is your life for?
Linking the good times up to the fun entry goodness over at Cottage and Vine.
Go check out the rest of the stunning entries! 
Literally and figuratively.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Week 18 Random Pinehurst

it might be time
to update the "artwork"
on the wall
in the bathroom.

Imagine these Ikea Ribba Frames
in oak.

Love them to pieces.
Probably because I got them for .99 each.
Thrift store shopping 101 in my neck of the woods.

Just need to find something
interesting to put in them


I can leave the fancy handmade
brown paper in them

Not, might I mention,
that I spend inordinate
amounts of time
in my bathroom
what would be prettier
to look at

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Around Pinehurst (May) - I Grew That

I was so sad
when I planted those bulbs back in November

Here's to awesome
survivor puppy dogs
and beautiful
orange tulips

Cause I grew those.

Around Pinehurst | May