Friday, October 7, 2011

Project 7: Initially Speaking (DIY for Busy Gals)

31 minute project

You'll need:

PRIMO clay
Letter cookie cutters
rolling pin
non-stick baking pan

You are going to create these:

In pictures:

For the readers:

1. Gather your clay
(mine: PRIMO modeling clay - on sale for about $1.25 a pack at Mike's)

2. Grab your letter cookie cutters
(mine: $1.50 from the Wannabe Dollar Store in Bellevue)

3 .I eyeballed 2 of the 8 wedges per letter (I was making 4 letters)
4. Roll said wedges into balls
5.From a ball, roll out, place stamp, remove excess.

6. Here, I learned that I wanted thicker letters
To get that, I rolled all 4 balls out,
then layered them on top of each other
Rolled them again to squish them together
and stamped out my letter.

7. Pretty, thick, much easier to remove the negative spaces in the B.
8. Roll the excess from the first letter into a giant ball, repeat step 5.
9. Stick lovely puffy letters on non-stick pan,
bake at 250 for 20 minutes.


You can get REALLY crafty with this
and use flat back thumbtacks on the back side
so that you can stick these into corkboards.
Or, you can leave it and just sprinkle them here and there.

(A)shley, (B)ernadette, (R)obert.
All M's.

Bonus Pictures:

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