Sunday, July 21, 2013

7 Things to Love About Summer | #3 Coming and Going (for a visit) with Kleenex Hand Towels

Well now.

I'm back from the oppressively hot east coast.
I did NOT indulge in my favorite childhood treat
(although it would have been totally appropriate).

We thought about seeing another awesome movie
but after seeing that one in California,
there wasn't much that was going to top that.

Though my back was bugging me a lot before I left
and I seriously considered taking my well-researched opinion about
back arthritis into my chiro, instead, we left the garden and headed east.

Way east.
Into a heat wave.

Heat wave aside,
one of the things I love about summer
is that this is the time of year
when people are always coming for a visit

or we are going for a visit.

While this past week, we were the ones going,
we're steadily sliding into coming season.

We have some pretty big life events coming up
and to that, we'll be hosting a gig or two to close out this summer.

I mean, what is not to love about being next to Godliness
with this level of cleanliness?

In my travels this past week,
I spent a lot of time drying off on cloth hand towels.

As a master composter,
I am totally good with disposable
Kleenex products.

Especially when you consider that in the U.S. alone,
people do that exact same drying routine
200 billion times per year.

On towels that look clean.
But really...

Why wash your hands
only to dry them on a dirty towel?

Why use a damp, germy, overused towel
when you can join the Clean Hands Campaign
and use Kleenex Hand Towels.

I'm getting ready to host a shindig
and guess what will be in my bathroom?

Kleenex Hand Towels of course.

Want some for your next gig?
Well I'll tell you what.
I've got some to give away.

Since I know most folks visit this here blog via a reader
of some sort,
I'm not going to MAKE you jump here to comment to win.

Instead, let's make it easi(er), peasy(er).

You can follow me on Instagram.
I'll be posting photos as I get ready for the party of the century
(which I'll blog about here, of course).

Comment on any of those photos about how you sure could
use some #CleanHands.

Bonus points for being clever and finding a non-party photo
to get all #CleanHands on.

I'll even throw in some extra special
extra summer fun on top of the Kleenex Hand Towels for the winner.

Ready to have some fun?
All you have to do is comment on any of my Instaphotos
with a clever (or dull) #CleanHands comment.

You don't have to follow me (but you'll want to to see the winner)
and you don't have to comment on the blog
(but you'll want to because commenting is cool).

Winner will be chosen by July 30/31st ish.
Don't have Instagram?

If you click my widget for Instagram photos to the right
over there --------------------->
you can actually see what you're missing out on.
I think you might even be able to comment via the web.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective
and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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