Friday, August 9, 2013

7 Things to Love About Summer | #2 Super Simple Family Dinners with Kraft Recipe Makers

The summer is just totally clicking by around these parts.
How about for you?

So we've examined 5 things
that I love about summer

And we all know that "love"
and "heat" do not go in the same sentence for me.

I love  coming and going places,
seeing awesome movies,
indulging in favorite childhood memory lane treats,
(and pondering what other ways I'm connected to my arthritic grandmother)
of course,
being the hostest with the mostest.

Now it is time for
the two things I love most
about summer.

Which is saying a whole lot
since I have already covered gardening
and canning parties.

Up here in the land of
not quite midnight sun
(although it's still bright enough
to walk my dog
at 10:30 pm on some summer nights),
there just feels like there is more time
to do things
like cook my family a meal.

And because we all want to be outside
in the sun
for the 17 days that it shows up around these parts
I like my meal prep to be super quick and easy.

This is where
saves my day.

kraft, recipe, chicken, sweet and sour, B3HD

This time of year,
there is a ton of produce
sprouting in my own backyard.

Those of ya'll who know quirky old me in real life
know that I don't do fresh chicken.

But throw some chicken nuggets my way

kraft, homegrown, recipe, chicken, nuggets, carrots, pepper, sweet and sour

and my own carrots and bell pepper

simmer, sauce, kraft, recipe, B3HD, veggies, homegrown

and I am just saying
that me and that Kraft Recipe Makers simmer sauce
may just be new best friends.
Let's not even talk about that too tasty
to be legal finishing sauce.

I just followed the tip on the back of the box
and satiated the meat eaters in the house
and made this with chicken nuggets
(they say breaded tenders...I say nuggets...even easier).

Tomorrow will just have to stay tuned
for THAT trick up my sleeve.

After this super simple summer family meal
thanks to Kraft Recipe Makers
I got right back out in the garden.
There was a harvest to be had after all.

And peaches to can.

Though I just threw together the back of box option
with some substitutions
(they suggest pineapple and red onion in their recipe,
I just used super sweet bell peppers and carrots in mine),
there are actually three prep options that each Kraft Recipe Maker comes with.

to toss together really quickly.

I specifically chose the sweet and sour chicken version
because I knew I would be able to make tomorrow's gig
out of something designed for chicken.

But there are actually 7 different varieties of Kraft Recipe Makers.
Each one comes with two savory sauces
(although I would say my finishing sauce for sweet and sour chicken was perfectly sweet)
there's a little something for everyone.

These technically will feed five.
Since it is just me and my better half
(and the puppy who would eat a whole plate of whatever if we let her)
I had enough simmer sauce and finishing sauce left over
to go at it again tomorrow night.

And that is after two hefty servings tonight.
Love. That!

Head on out to Safeway
and find your Kraft Recipe Maker over by the meat aisle.
I know.

Fake out for the veggie lovers in my life.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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