Monday, December 6, 2010

Beginning to Look a Lot like...

a hot mess.

Whereas last year, we had beautiful first Christmas in our home photos
like this one welcoming you into our home

His first choice wreath, Christmas 2009
Photo (c) b3 home designs
It is now all I can do
to even think about how I'm going to play enough Sudoko
to top these Bingo wrapped presents from last year
Ephemeric Christmas - Bingo!
Photo (c) b3 home designs
This is the only way I get to justify
not throwing away the random
pieces of paper I amass in my life
And yes
I did play Bingo
That one time
with my mom and my aunt
and I just collected their sheets
and had PLENTY to spare
Because they are hard core like that.
What unique paper do you use to wrap gifts with?
Thanks to all for the happy birthday wishes

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