Saturday, December 18, 2010

On the main floor...well, we'll just skip Christmas

If you will

a beautiful tree
that was hunted
and fought for
and brought down
from the greatest tree farm

it is trimmed
all aglow with lights
done up with 
trinkets and doodads
in red, white and silver

it is full
it is tall
it is gorgeous
with trimmings just right

you go to work
and you come home
and you see this


and you almost
strangle your dog

before you look a little closer

and you realize
that only a really cruel
dog mommy
would decorate a tree
with shiny white
dog bone ornaments

And you peel off
into fits of uncontrollable laughter
because your puppy mutt
is chewing on a print
of this photo

as if to say
"Payback is a bitch"

Although, not really
because she's a sweetie
and she would never use
words like that

We'll just skip Christmas
on the main floor
this year

Score 1 for the Puppy Mutt.

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