Friday, January 7, 2011

Found and Used | Lovely Linens

I am a sucker for the bed and bath section of any thriftstore.  Well, really the bedding.  Mostly because I have 4 extra bedrooms in my home that I'll never sleep in, so I don't have to get all creeped out with the whole "I don't want that to touch my skin" thing that I get with bathroom goods.  Which.

Really doesn't make sense.  Because I have at least two bathrooms I don't ever set foot in.
So I could fill those up with good stuffs too.


I'll have to try to settle that tension in my mind.
Or I will never be the same.


I picked up these pretty pillow cases

Scallop Edged Pillowcases
Intl District Goodwill, .99 each

And used them in this bedroom
(the Mother In Law Suit extra bedroom)

Crocheted Pillowcases
Intl District Goodwill, .99 each

Which is also home to this
hot. mess.


You decide

Ikea Chest of Drawers
Mother in Law Suite


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