Saturday, January 1, 2011

Around Pinehurst - January (I think it's a tree)

The only thing better in the world
than a thrift store out of season get
is a Freecycle "we can't fit it anymore" get

One of several Christmas Tree Stash spots - Storage room, Pinehurst
Photo (c) b3 home designs

Technically, I should probably be the one
giving away a tree that doesn't fit anymore

I got the tree
which, yes, has to be stashed in three different places
what??  why are you looking at me like that?

I got it on the roadside
from a house that was pretty big
from a posting that said something like
"moved into new place, tree is to big for our space"

I have lots of space. (LOTS!)
and I have a need for 3 trees

One is always live (Preferably from Ikea)
One is always live (preferably, chopped from a tree farm)
One is always fake (preferably, a tall skinny)

But, see.  This year, we put the doggy door
in the wall for my old downstairs spot

And the doggy that goes through that door
She has a liking for trees (the real ones, and the ornaments)
so I had to move the stair landing tree
to the guest room

Where we could never see it

So I moved the above tree, to my bedroom
Which was actually really fun

But also, obnoxiously big
It pretty much filled up the sitting area
Which is the size of a small child's room to begin with

Lesson of the day - beyond being too tall for a space
trees can also be too wide for a space.

Hmph.  Who would have thought it?
I DID finally get this tree up. 
And it was gorgeous all aglow at night.

Happy January!

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