Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Around Pinehurst - March (Cairns and Prayers)

Once upon a time
I took a really long trip
to a part of the world
that doesn't have western style toilets.


this is significant
because I have a "toilet thing"
whereby I will not clean them
because my gag reflex just. cannot. deal.

so if you've ever been to a place
where you have had the pleasure of using
various eastern style toilets
oh...say...a place like Tibet
then the beauty of this

Toilet cairn, a bit off balance - Main floor Powder Room
Photo (c) b3 home designs

becomes far more relevant.

At Everest Base Camp (Tibet side),
we collected a couple of rocks.
All around Tibet, rocks are stacked (rock stacking = cairn)
mostly in prayerful repose
for safe travels

Or I think something like that

This cairn is our tribute
to the Great White Western Toilet God
that allows us the grace
to lazily sit our fat butts
on a bowl
that collects things unthinkable
and whisks them away to places
I never have to go

As opposed to crude holes in the ground
that I wasn't even allowed to use
more times than not
because I have lady parts.


Happy March!

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