Friday, May 27, 2011

Gutsy | Gutless Redo (antique/handme down wood)

is the first piece of furniture
I really bought

I mean, don't get me wrong
I bought a couple of really cheap parsons chairs
and a thrifty coffee table
and a couch and a loveseat

Okay.  So I've bought furniture before.

THIS piece though,
has history.

The first time my mom visited Seattle
and got to hang out with my better half
we swung by a couple of yard sales

This was back in the day
(and still really)
when Yard Sales were not his thing
He was a good sport and put on the game face
and said something to the effect
that Yard Sales are just ebay in real life.

Uh huh.

I was living in the MIL/Basement apt
of this great waterfront property
Man I miss that place

Up the road
(and up the tram that carried you down to my place)
was a yard sale
where this crazy woman
sold me this gorgeous piece
for $10

Granted.  It is delicate.
But it has made it through
a move down the tram and into my place (where I first discovered the wobbles)
a move up the tram and into HIS place (whereby a door got looser and he gently prodded)
a move into storage (whereby a drawer fell apart and he gently urged)
and a move into this place, down the hill (whereby a foot was stripped and he threatened)

All the while,
I've LOVED this piece.

Never in my wildest dreams contemplated painting it.
But now everyone else is doing it.
And I kinda sorta wanna give it a whirl

I mean, it's not like spray painting a chair.
And more and more, I'm pretty certain it has an interesting backstory

I don't know if I am gutsy enough to paint it.
Might have to paint some other stuff first
and then when it stands out too much
then go to town

I have a buttery/creamy yellow, a teal and a turquoise. 
And of course some white


Decisions, descisions.

If you painted it,
what would you do to it?

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