Sunday, May 29, 2011

Just Because (the Food Post)

because it just ain't right.

But also because
he is broken
and I am a good wife.

I once blogged about being that girl
in a Benz
rollin' up to Wal Mart.

What was that saying about taking a girl out of the hood
but not taking the hood out of the girl?

Or something or another.

Well, more real to my form
(as Renton Wal Mart scares me...)
would be rolling up to Grocery Outlet
in my Benz
(chill, I don't drive a Benz.  Yet)

So I was there picking up the rug for my entryway
and 2 white teapots to add to this collection
(hey - bet you'll be at a Grocery Outlet tomorrow eh?)

And in the avoidable "meat" aisle
I found this

And this vegetarian jumped for joy.
Don't you judge me.

I have vivid memories growing up
eating only the filthiest meat products on this earth
Pass the menudo and the chorizo please.

One morning,
I popped up super bright
and super early
all set and ready to make
french toast
like they make at 909.

Then I got downstairs
and remembered I had chorizo

Now.  I know I can go from 0 - 60
in the grumpy department
when I'm expecting french toast
and someone brings me an omlette
on a tray

So I raced upstairs
and asked my better half
if he would be okay with Chorizo instead.
I even offered to make both

because he gave me the slow
Which I first mistook for dissapointment.

Because really,
what self respecting southern Cali guy
wouldn't know what Chorizo is?

My inquisitive nature kicked in and I asked
"so, you know what chorizo is right?"
to which he didn't really respond.

Just because
it is so. not. right
for a grown So. Cal Gentleman
to go his whole life without knowing
I whipped some up.

In three easy steps,
this sister girl did her man right



Next up
(whoa now gag reflex)

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