Monday, November 21, 2011

Fall Mantel - Pinehurst 2011

Before we know it,
the Christmas mantels will be up.

Lord knows I'm late to the fall party.
But it all just moves so fast and I wanted to enjoy a really simple mantel.
We did a simple Halloween decor too...just really needed to make it manageable. 

So here it goes.
The above photo is one of my faves.
It has a few of my faves including
a GORGEOUS metallic print photo that my better half took
a white pitcher (I have 5 of them)
three awesome thrift store finds
some awesomeness grown from my own yard

Let's dig deeper:

(l) Another white pitcher filled with dahlias and sunflowers that had seen better days.
the Turkey plaque was $5 from Goodwill. On sale 50% off for $2.50
the super sized marble was $2.99 at Value Village.

(r) The two yarn wrapped wreaths are Project #13 from DIY for Busy Gals (Cozy Wreaths).
For some reason, I can't find 2/3rds of my 31 days posts.  
I'll spend some airport time figuring that out and linking them all back up again.
Also in this shot is an awesome rattan ball that has made it through 8 or so moves.

(l) These actually were one of my best finds.  I got four of them for $1 each from Goodwill.
They reminded me a little (shape and opaqueness) of Glassybabies
What they ACTUALLY are are light shade covers. There's a hole in the bottom.
The hole is small enough that I could sit a votive inside snuggly.

(r) Those are actually wax candles.  I don't light them.  I should.
The little round carved box was a $2 find at Goodwill.
The pitcher in the background is the same one from the first photo.  Different angle.

(l) Probably my absolute fave find of all.
I saw a bigger sister (rougher shape) at the Burien Salvation Army.
This one was $3 at Goodwill.

(r) Just one more view of the pitcher, candles, circle carved box and turkey. 
She's really not that big.
Another tiny glimpse of the awesome photo.

(l) Also found these sisters at separate thrift stores.
Paid a little more than I wanted for the second (smaller) one,
but still only $5 for the pair.  Just pains me to pay more for the smaller than the larger one.

(r) Later, after some earlier shots,
I acquired the African art piece for a song.
She added just the right amount of height to the left side of the set up.
Didn't snap a full out photo of her in place though.

Here's a day photo of all the details I described above.

Here's a later photo.
Note the ducks on the bottom right.

Here are a couple more, not so great outtakes.

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