Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Offic[ially] Incomplete

Aside from living out of a suitcase for almost a quarter of a year,
I have had a moment or two at home.

While I was out of town, my husband was home building out our office.

Back in 2007, I took a trip to Tibet.
Everest Base Camp to be exact.

I went there because I lost a coin flip.
Much like how we ended up building out our office
(before building out our walk in master closet)
because I may have lost another coin flip.

Last weekend,
I sent out a desperate tweet
asking ya'll to send me photos
(or links, or carrier pigeons - I was desperate)
of shelves painted gray.
And chalkboard painted tables/desks.

This is all before I recalled that right up my own stairs
there was a perfectly GOOD example of how well chalkboard painting your desk stands up over time.
(and yes, this is one of those "I would tell you" moments and it HAS held up wonderfully).

No matter.
While he wanted to paint out built ins "brown like wood"
(say WHAT??!?)
I begged and even promised to paint it all myself if we could go gray.
Just like everything else in our house.

It. Looks. AWESOME!
It is officially incomplete (clever title eh?)
but it is functional again and just needs little details that will kick it into gear.

Here's our main wall before and after:

My husband built all the cabinets and, most impressively if I do say so myself,
he built our file cabinets from scratch

I was pretty indecisive.

For a moment, I thought I would do the dark trim white (to match our trimwork)

Then I didn't know if I wanted to paint the whole interior of the shelves.
I didn't because I didn't paint his wooden hutch and wanted to keep some bare wood in the room

Then I thought I would paint the remaining desk trim white.
But I'm going to stain that instead like the original desk.
The chalkboard is almost a perfect match for the original black desk.

I ADORE how silver, brass and gold all look fantastic against the dark walls.
I LOVE the darker chalkboard edge to the shelves that I can label books with
(yes, there is non-fiction already on my fiction shelf).

There's still more to do:

Paint tv shelf
Paint edges of printer shelf
Stain top edge of B's shelf
Match and Stain desk trim
Touch up walls
Paint under desk ledges
Finish under desk trim

It will get done.

All said, we're ready for house sitters and holiday guests.


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