Thursday, June 14, 2012

Green Thumb Gardening - Pinterest Weekly 12

It is no secret
that I was blessed with a green thumb.

I can grow anything.
I grow things that people look at me with a frown on their face
and say "really? You grew that?"

Some things I'm great at through no fault of my own.
The upside is that I actually can pin gorgeous garden ideas on Pinterest
and have true intentions of making them happen.

Gardening is an arena that I have no fear about.
Probably, because my grandmother had an awesome garden
and fostered my love of mud pies and gardening from a young age.
I was making seed cookies and cakes before it was "the rage".

Here's proof:

Here's what I am loving on Pinterest and, soon enough, in my own yard.

I LOVE this time of year.
I wish I would have spent more time
with my grandmother in her garden.
Not just when she asked me.

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1 comment:

  1. I miss my garden so much. I used to have about 5 raised beds around the yard at our old house before we moved.
    PS- Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. Hope it ended up being worth staying up for.

    The Aestate


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