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Roadtrip-a-Matic crush | PA is STILL for lovers

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You can probably tell by now that I am so ready to hit the road.One summer, back in band camp...
okay...it was longer than band camp.
  it was 4 years of my life.
But back in the day, I lived in Upstate New York.
  In Ithaca.
  Which is gorgeous (or gorges) beyond all belief.
It wasn't until close to my senior year,
  when I was doing the Miss America local pageant scene
  (now THAT is a story for another time)
 that I took a bunch of road trips across Northeast America.
Hands down, my biggest regret is that I didn't spend more time in Pennsylvania.
PA Bways Map

It was just salt in the wound
that I met my husband
only AFTER he had completed grad school at Penn State.
We've said many a time that we would like to go back for a football game.
Or two.
Essentially, there is nothing like fall in the Northeast.
Football, Foliage and Fun all around!
So while we talked about it
and just didn't make it happen before all heck broke loose
in God's Country
(which, yes, as a Texan, 
I still smirk at that assertion especially in relation to football).

I really have no excuse now that
You can look up all sorts of pa-roadtrips
  by visiting the VisitPA.com website's Roadtrip-a-Matic.
  They have compiled lots of just get in the car and go
  pre-planned roadtrips for visitors to Pennsylvania.
I was checking it out the other day and here are a few of the things I love about it:
1. Theme travel!

Photogs, shoppers, hikers, history buffs and lovers.
  Something for everyone!
2. Maps included

Some of us are a bit...uhhhm...
  "directionally challenged"
3. ADHD Friendly

They have "worthy detours"
  aka, distractors, sidetracks...ways for me to get really lost
Even if you're like me
and you live about as far from Pennsylvania
as you can get and still be in the continental US of A
you should AT LEAST check out the Roadtrip-a-Matic
  to daydream about bucket list roadtrips a little.
And I can personally testify that it is worth every bit of taking a flight out east, renting a car and making a long weekend of it. I might have some points I need to use just for that.

I need a job where I travel a lot again.
Need further convincing?
Here are my top three picks for trips I would take:
With my mom:
Civil War Trails and Beyond - All Roads Lead to History roadtrip.
Main Street Farmers' Market and the 
highlight of our trip would be the Blairsville Underground Railroad. 
We're both history buffs and this is the part of PA history
we have not explored as much. 
Gettysburgh we've done.
Western Pennsylvania's Underground Railroad
With my puppy:

 Trails Mix All Natural Pennsylvania roadtrip.
Bald Eagle spotting in an even more historic setting than the PNW.
My puppy could hit the trails with me
and bird spotting is totally her thing.
Trails Mix PA Wilds
By myself:

Shutterbugs - The Picture Perfect Roadtrip
Route 6, Route 120, Route 144
I LOVE just driving on non Interstates and seeing the countryside.
Especially if I can just pull over whenever
to take a photo. Or a Nap.
Or just take in the beauty of it all.
Photography roadtrip through the Pennsylvania Wilds
It is a given that hubby would be on any trip to PA
(even the one "by myself")
because really, there is no way I'm going to be
on that side of the country
(aka, airfare already covered)
with a place to stay
(aka, hotel already covered)
and then us NOT
find a way to get him out there too.
I'm publicly committing right now.
Within the next 3 years.
Even if I have to pay for the whole trip out of pocket.
I will make it to PA and a roadtrip will be part of the adventure.

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