Monday, December 3, 2012

Easy Forced Amaryllis Bulbs | DIY for Busy Gals

"perhaps, had we chilled them,
they would have bloomed in time.
 Paper Whites are so dang easy.
Especially given that last year's attempt
at growing Amaryllis, was an utter fail.

We (and by "we" I mean "I")
thought to myself
if these are bulbs that require
a chilling period, I am doomed.

And, I also thought I would start a lot earlier this year.
On both fronts.

There was no chill/deep freeze this year.
And I started these less than 4 weeks before Christmas last year.

Even the strongest grow light in the world can't help that procrastination.
Guess I'll be enjoying the holidays
long after they are over.

And this time, I won't do it with 
a fire hazard Christmas tree.

Just. Saying.

Another super easy project.
Especially if you buy a kit.

I did alter my kit supplies with my own clay pots
I don't know WHAT kind of moist peat they are trying to pull,
but my ONE peat pellet in one of three kits
was enough growing medium for three gigantic bulbs.

Really now.



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