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Baby Registry Must Have | Mombo nursing pillow | Sponsored

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Comfort and Harmony for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Not three months ago,
I was on a baby stuff buying bender.
I was just settling in to this life changing experience before me
and I had finally let down my guard and stepped foot into a Babies R Us to complete a registry.
As I was walking through the giant store of all things baby,
there were three products that completely baffled me.
Likely, I was baffled because most of these products 
require actual baby in tow
to know what REALLY works or not.
So when Comfort & Harmony (makers of mombo™)
reached out and asked me if I wanted to try a mombo™nursing pillow
I was totally all "yes" and "please"
because kindness is a good thing.
Fast forward a little bit and we all know how best laid plans
often don't work out.
So this will be a bit different kind of review.
I want to be up front with you that you will not get a review from my
bouncing bundle of joy on this product.
Instead, you will get a review from a mom-to-be
who is overwhelmed by all the registry choices on the market
who is willing to fork over the funds for "the best"
but really just wants some clue as to what "the best"
really is.

And who totally goes out and buys baby stuff
like nursing pillows
before baby is here
because I like to be prepared like that.
In short, this is a review for all of you Type A gals
who want a way to buy practical items
when you don't have all the pertinent facts in front of you.

I'll speak from a place of having bought
(via Craigslist and the Just Between Friends local sales)
my own versions of some of the other options on the market.
I'll tell you why I do (and don't) like the mombo™ I was sent
compared to the other  contenders
out on the market.

So here we go!

Here is the mombo™ that I received


Right off the bat,
all things considered,
I loved that it came
in a sturdy plastic cover
so that you can store it away
for next baby.

Love those velcro snaps.

I really liked the two sided design
that offered super support on one side
and could be flipped to be super soft on the other side.

That thee is the firm side.

Also, while baby may or may not love vibratory massage
I know *I* sure as heck loved inserting the removable massage "button"
and going to sleepy town with my mombo™.

It was soothing and helped me to get into the "relax, relate, release" zone
that I've panicked myself into while trying to figure out the nursing gig.

What didn't I like?

How do I say this?

I don't think I am huge.
Frankly, everyone says I'm looking mighty fine lately.

But the thing is that this infant nursing pillow
isn't for you to NURSE with 
(as in sit it on your lap comfortably and anchor it to your body)
if you have larger tatas OR a slightly larger girth.

I'm 5'11
(on a short day)
and wear a size 18.
Which, for a shorter girl would TOTALLY
zap the dual functionality of this pillow.
But at 5'11
with plenty of torso to spare,
it really felt kind of awkward
to try to adequately wrap the pillow and set up 
a proper "shelf" for baby to nurse on.

It would still work GREAT as a baby support 
(ie on the floor)
and the vibratory function still works great
even if you cannot wrap it totally around you.
And because the vibration unit is removable,
I'd honestly be happy getting this as a gift
for the baby support and vibration unit alone.

But if you need a nursing pillow specifically
and you're just a touch larger than me
an adjustable version would be awesome.

Just my "what's best for  mommy" opinion.

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Do you have a favorite nursing pillow?
What did you register for?


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