Tuesday, May 21, 2013

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I'm in full gardening tilt around these parts.

Between my backyard
my sideyard
and my P-Patches 
(yes, plural)
you had better believe
that I'm growing some lillies.

I LOVE to grow lilies in my garden.
Most folks hear "lilies" and think of traditional day lilies.
Or is that me?

What I've always loved
(and fallen more in love with lately)
are cala lillies.

Like most flowers,
I love how there are smallish versions
all the way up to GIANT versions.

And on the cala lily front
I just found a gorgeous pink version 
that is just too cute for words.

I know lots of folks see big, gorgeous, day lily blooms,
and immediately think there is no way they could grow them.

Fear not.
Lilies are super easy to find in the pot.
Home super stores, flower shops, and grocery store flower stands
are givens.

Around my parts, lilies are popular farmstand offerings.
Even in pots which makes them the most fun.

I love Day Lilies mixed in with tulips.
With lilies, you really only need a few in a bouquet
to really make a modern statement.

As a gift to someone special in your life 
or as a stand alone bouquet on the counter,
lilies really make your space pop.

And if you get really creative and mix in a variety of bulbs
you can really create some WOW power.

Need more eye candy?
Check out these bits of bulb inspiration and really neat bouquet ideas
on Pinterest.

Home grown from bulbs or picked up in pots.
Lilies are super easy to care for
with lots of bang for your buck.

I'm personally partial to calla lilies (so sleek)
but any lily will make your day.

Throw in some gladiolus and irises
(especially beared irises)
and your love for lilies will explode.

What is your favorite lily?

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