Tuesday, February 21, 2012

10 Home Decor Mistakes I Learned a Lot From | Listable Life

this week's prompt for Listable Life
should be a good one.

Especially because:
1. We've long ago determined that ONLY home stuff gets posted here
2. We ALL know only the good, the great and the perfect gets blogged.

So rather than blogging about 5 general mistakes I have learned from,
here are 10 Home Decor and DIY Mistakes I learned a lot from.

If you live with a dog,
save yourself the heartache.
Don't put dog toys
in one of your fave baskets.
That. Is. All.

Some projects
are just failures all around.
Sometimes, husband really does call it
when he asks "what is that cluster*@! hanging from my ceiling"
When the dog looks up, sighs a deep sigh,
and relocates her fave spot so that she is NOT
underneath the cluster*@!,
then you know for sure the project is a fail.

Know thyself.
Do not purchase garden plants on Friday
on the way home from work
if you have NOT set aside time over the weekend
to get them in the ground.
Two days is just NOT enough time to get it all done.

It is cruel and unusual punishment
to decorate your tree
with shiny white bones.
You get what you deserve when your tree is still standing
but no longer decorated
when you do stupid things like that.

If you have no sense of anything 
(time, direction, budget, length, distance)
then you shall NEVER be allowed to roam alone
in JoAnne's fabric section looking for curtain fabric.
You will NEVER buy enough with your cheap self
and you'll never be able to return it 
because you will do all sorts of randomness to that fabric
in an all out effort to "make it work".

Hundreds of dollars. It adds up.
Pretty as color may be,
you MUST use perennials in your hanging baskets
or you will pay dearly for the "pretty of the week".

Two cans.
At least.
That's how much EXTRA spray paint
I should buy for each chair I think will only take half a can of spray paint to complete.

is a state of mind.
Sure, amaryllis bulbs will not grow in 1 week.
Go figure.
But after the holidays, when you are Sooooo ready for spring
they'll finally start opening up.
And you'll have beauty while the rest fret away.

Rules are made to be broken.
Especially when it comes to growing wheatgrass.
If it seems more complicated than it has to be
(ie, pre-sprouting wheatberries before actually growing them),
then it probably is.
There has ALWAYS got to be an easier way.

Even if you don't live in a glass house
you should not throw stones.
The more IMPORTANT lesson in that?
Glass and stones don't mix.
Ie, shells and book pages are good ideas for a fillable lamp.
Rocks are not.


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  1. I love it...a girl after my own heart! Thank you for being brave to share...you are not alone!

  2. I LOVE how you made this work for your blog and stayed true to your audience while connecting to one of the original topics. Fantastic spin on this week! :-)

    1. Thanks! I started to go non home decor but then thought...you know, I can work this out. Love how flexible your prompts are in that way.

  3. ha ha. These are great things! I've done a few myself!

  4. great list, I have made a few of these mistakes myself! Now stalking you through linky followers, come check me out and stalk back if you'd like:) stayathomeista.com

  5. too funny!! I was going to try to pick a favorite, but they're all so good (and true!) ok- I pick the cluster @*! :):)



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