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5 Home Blogs that you Should Stalk | Listable Life

Nicole over at Moments That Define Life
has a great Listable Life meme.

Last week, 
you probably missed my
10 things that take me to my happy place post.
Go ahead and peek.  
I did it in the same style that I did my Home Goals 2012 post.

This week, I'm doing a slight twist
on the option to blog about 5 bloggers I enjoy.

I'm going to give you 5 Home Blogs that you MUST STALK.
Well, at least add to your Reader/Feed/Stream/Blogroll.

Ready for some awesomeness?
Click on any of the links to be transported to Nirvana.
Here we go!

5 Home Blogs that you Should Stalk

via DRD Portfolio
Dayka Robinson Designs
sista, vintage, fresh to deaf

Dayka Robinson is an African American Interior Designer after my own heart.
She knows THE PLACES to find greatness
in the form of vintage wares.

She has an amazing (well trained, at that)
x-ray vision eye for furniture with great bones
AND she has a refreshing vision
for how to bring new life to her finds.

Did I mention that she's an African American Interior Designer?
Just saying.  In blogland, I have not come across many sisters with
true street cred.

She's informative.
(this is a post on choosing an upholsterer)

She knows how to "talk good."
(this is a hilarious post on Saarinen table shopping)

She has ALMOST as many Pinterest Boards as I do.
(but her pins are OVER THE TOP better)


via Brick House DIY Terrarium Tutorial
The Brick House
(Morgan Satterfield)
sigh, clean, pillow crush

The Brick House is a recent find on my blogging adventures.
I long for days in the desert again
and I imagine, if I still had in-laws that lived outside of Palm Desert,
Morgan and I still would have no idea either of us existed.

That said.

She has a clean, uncluttered abode that makes me sigh.
Not in a mournful, jealous way.
Not even in a longing way 
(because, I like stuff and hoarders will be here shortly).
But in a well composed, sigh like you're at the symphony
and the last note has been struck
kind of sigh.

She's your BFF.
(at least she writes like she is as she stalks brutalist chandeliers)
and let's just not start on the Eames Lounge Chair in her den...

She has a pillow thing.
(and like any good addict, a direct line to pillow heaven)

She can hold her own at furniture auctions.
(even if you're a blog reader and try to outbid her)


via Young House Love Home Progress Tour Gallery

Young House Love

(Sherry, John, Clara and Burger Petersik)
love, DIY, hacks

Young House Love is the house blog
that forced me to look up how to set up a reader
after Bloglines went to hell and back and again.
I love that they are compartmental - like me.  
You don't actually HAVE TO read about Clara or Burger stuff
on their DIY home blog if you don't want to.

But trust me.
You'll want to.

They (yes, both she and he blog) are super easy to keep up with.
(they do a monthly superlatives post to get you up to speed)

They are hacks.
(They hacked together their fabulous kitchen cabinet doors.)

They live a rather interesting life in their closet.

My apologies to John and Sherry.  
I asked all the rest of the bloggers here for permission before including them. 
Couldn't find a direct email to the Petersiks.
Good news is I doubt my mom's click over to view their blog will break the server (smile).


via Chez Larssen Chevron Tray Tutorial

Chez Larsson

pure, international, white

Chez Larssen is a blog
for the person who likes their home/design posts
short, sweet and to the point.
Benita will tell you with crisp, gorgeous photos
and occasionally, she will throw in a few more words too.
Crisp, Euro styling with clean white simple lines...
color is used with meaning in her abode and
she's the coolest cat lady I've had the pleasure to 
glimpse into the life of.

She is crafty.
(I used to get craft boxes of goodies. Now I live vicariously through her)

She's no wallflower.
(especially when she does unconventional things with wallpaper)

She likes to play with light.
(love the photos on her blog? This neat tool helps her create magic)


via Centsational Girl DIY wood cutting block tutorial

Centsational Girl

eye candy, expansive, stylist

Centsational Girl is not only a blog
that I stalk, I also look for Kate's home
in the various DIY mags and special issues that come out.
What I love about Centsational Girl is that
along with glimpses into her own home and life,
Kate does a lot of features of other blog eye candy.
Each week, the "Blogs I'm Reading" list in my sidebar
grows with another blog found on her site

She is all over the place.
(Well, in features too.  But I mean she does it all in home blogging)

She also almost has as many pins/pinboards as I do.
(and yes, you will never leave your comp once you follow her)

She can convince even YOU that sewing is easy


There you have it.
5 super exceptional blogs (6 bloggers)
that I stalk every morning
as I procrastinate getting out of bed.

What blogs can you not WAIT for a new post to go up on?


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  1. I am SO excited about this list! SO much eye candy to explore. :-) Thanks for sharing them with us. And thanks for linking up!

  2. what a nice idea to give linky love to 5 blogs you love on Valentines day!!!

    I'm actually hopping over from the FOLLOW ME linky party/blog hop. I'm following you. Will you follow me back?

    Happy Valentines Day to YOU!

  3. lots to look at! You are a very good blog friend to refer your friends! good for you! i will check them out and tell them how I got there!


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