Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Things That Take Me to My Happy Place | Listable Life

Nicole over at Moments That Define Life
has a great Listable Life meme.

I am a generally (okay, mostly) happy person.
I tend to be the glass is half full,
sickeningly happy in her own little world
chick in the corner just taking it all in in stride.

At work, in the various community orgs I'm in and just randomly,
people ask me what I "do."

While I know they are often talking about my job, 
you know, the one that pays the bills.
But a few people have a secret glimpse into this life and as such,
they are really asking what REALLY makes me tick.

Here's a unique take on what makes me happy
as told via Scrap Art.

I did a post 
in this same style. 

Check it out and be sure to pop back over here.
I'll wait (smile).

Welcome back.

So here we go:
10 Things That Take Me to my Happy Place

We all know I have a weakness for beauty queens.
Especially if they are under 6 years of age.
Toddlers & Tiaras takes me to my happy place.

I'm a Sagitarian.
Which means, by default, I am lucky.
Almost always lucking into awesome opportunities 
takes me to my happy place.

Hiking Mount Rainier.
Hanging out with two of my fave dudes in the world.
A summer day in the Pacific Northwest 
takes me to my happy place.

The ONLY place I spend more time online
is Pinterest. 
But twitter takes me to my happy place.

You should click through and see this one up close.
Letting go of the negative
and getting to the positive
takes me to my happy place.

That first blush of love
when you first realize that the one you are infatuated with,
loves you even more?
Just recalling that moment takes me to my happy place .

Getting in the car
going with purpose
and creating new traditions
takes me to my  happy place.

Going international.  
THAT takes me to my happy place.

Watching him with her.
He's such a dog person.
I love his devotion.
Watching it and benefiting from it
takes me to my happy place.

Going to the market.
Super market. Farmers Market. Mall.
I love to shop (smile).
Shopping takes me to my happy place.
Paying the bill off takes me sky high.


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