Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bloom Into Spring Challenge - What I Got

Welcome to the Big Bloom into Spring Exchange Reveal, 
a lovely Spring event hosted by Meagan at Local at Last
and Kyle & Lisha at One House One Couple.

My partner was Louise from Laid Off Mom. She has a pretty awesome blog (and daughter, family and general outlook on life) and you should definitely check her out!

Here's what I sent her
(boo on the one pot breaking)

I loved that in her package to me,
she sent me a great little handwritten note.

That is so not common nowadays.

In her actual package,
she sent me all sorts of great cards to write my own notes,
some funky tissues
(really great timing for my spring cold)
some chocolate (gotta love that thought)
and great necklace
and, of course
(cause she is thoughtful like that)
a little mini globe.

Awesomeness in a box!

Because I got sicker than sick, 
her package was super late in getting to her.
I did send it pretty much carrier pigeon via China
(from Seattle to San Diego)
and might as well have taken it to SD with me
which is where I just got back from.


Bloom Into Spring!
And have a great one!

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  1. So glad you liked everything! I was out of town for 4 days, and just got your package on Monday! Thk u so much for everything! My post is up now =)

  2. Yay such fun stuff! I also like what you sent Louise!

    This was so fun! Thanks for participating Bernadette! :)


    (lol about the carrier pigeon, and you being in SD!)


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