Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Newport Beach Cali Living on My Mind

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Though the weather has finally (sort of) cooperated in the Pacific Northwest,
I have to admit that I'm kind of needing a So Cal fix.
Specifically, I would love to get back to Orange County asap.
As lots of you know, my better half is from one of the greatest places on earth.
He's from Irvine, CA - aka, the OC.
Part of my fascination with the Real Housewives of Orange County is that, perhaps,
I've been to most of the places they frequent.
And maybe, I know a girl or two who could totally be type cast to be on that show.
And definitely, my better half still has family in the OC so watching that show
is like vicariously visiting some of my fave spots.
One of those super fave spots is Newport Beach.
Almost every time that we go to Irvine, we spend a little time in Newport Beach.

If you check out the Newport Beach website and check out their calendar,
you'll see that there is a whole lot of foodie love and wine tasting going on there.
Believe it or not, we generally don't go to So Cal for the wine and food.
  Generally I said because we DO head to Balboa Island for sushi at Balboa Sushi 21.
  Other than the Sushi, we've hit Balboa Island a couple of times
 just to get to say we took a ferry in another state other than WA.  
Now that I know about the Newport Beach visitor site though, there are so many things I want to check out.
For instance, on the "About Us" tab at the website,
I came across some facts that were all "ohhhh...that's Newport!" for me.
Because you know, me and sense of direction were never best friends.
Interesting tidbits like the fact that the Toshiba Classic is in Newport
(interesting to me because my sister and law and her best friend work that event every year
and I may have had some pretty spectacular access to the behind the scenes of that fun gig
- even better access than my resident, 9th hole access for the TPC Boeing Classic).
I digress.

Other things you can check out are places to stay
(if you're not lucky enough to have family nearby
or, if you are lucky enough to still play like a local in your own space).
And if you're hungry or bored, they have links to dining and things to do too.
Speaking of which, I totally have to time our next trips to coincide with the Balboa Island Parade,
moonlight paddling
(though, I'm skeptical about "all levels" kayaking events because clearly,
these people have never met a woman with as little balance as me),
and movies on the beach.

We are almost ALWAYS there during the end of year holidays when movies on the beach are over
(because really, it is California but it is ALSO colder than cold on the beach at night in Nov and Dec).
And you KNOW that I'm going to get on someone's case for holding out on me
about the whole Pelican Courtyard Flea Market deal.
I mean really.
I love fleas and I've been to a few in CA and never to the one right up the street?
That is shameful.
All said, this summer, my family is supposed to be getting up and doing something.
 Rather than wait on them to figure it out, we've decided on a cruise out of So Cali.
A great idea would be to have my TX family drive to So. Cal and meet us up.
It's only about a 10 hour drive for them (8 to SD, then another 2 or so to the OC).
Right now, the Hyatt Regency Newport Beach has a great promo for families:
  Buy one room at full price, receive a connecting room for kids 18 and under at 50% off.
I know my people would love the resort style living and because they'll be traveling with kids,
that buy one get one 50% off for kids is a steal of a deal.
Though my mother is not quite old enough to enjoy shuffle board,
my better half does golf,
and with three pools, I'm sure we could find time to enjoy the water.
Especially for the little ones who might still be a bit terrified by the ocean. Hey, they are from the desert. They don't get crashing water except for when it floods.
If you're interested, you can call the Hyatt Regency Newport Beach at 800-233-1234 and mention the Family Plan to book today! 
Don't have family in the OC and still not convinced it is one of the best places on earth to hang out?
Check out this video!
So tell me.

Do you NEED a vacation to Newport Beach?
If you went this summer (or any other time of year), what would you do while you were there?
Got kids? Did you know they have some really super cool summer camps for the kidos?
All they need are some doggy camps especially since leashed dogs are allowed on the beach at Newport
before 10 am and after 4:30 pm. Where would you shop if you had $500 to spend in Newport?
Me? I'm at Muttropolis and Dogma.
Next time I'm in Orange County, I'm not only going to be on Balboa Island for a click or two,
I'm going to spend some time in Newport Beach proper so that I can check out the beach movies or night paddling.

I WILL learn to Kayak. 

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  1. NB is always on my mind. The love of my life lives out there. Gotta love a job transfer. Just sad that I'm still on the east coast. But the youngest is still in school. Maybe things will change after she graduates next year.


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