Saturday, May 19, 2012

Project 14: Mini Terra Grande (DIY for Busy Gals)

Been a while eh?
Summer time means more time to craft.
So let's get back on the horse with 
(Hint, if you click on that link, you can get ALL of the projects)

31 minute project

You will need:
Clear glass vessel
a bunch of rocks
(Perhaps dug up from your yard)
a plant or two
a little doodad
(seaglass, seashell, miniature'll see)

You are going to create one
(or a bunch)
of these

In pictures:

For the readers:

1. Clean your clear (glass) vessel until it sparkles.

2. Gather your rocks.

3. Gather your plant material.

4. Pick out a doodad or two to decorate with.

5. Plop some soil into the bottom of your clear (glass) vessel.

6. Carefully place your plant in the midst of the soil pile.

7. Even more carefully, arrange rocks over the soil/roots.

8. and 9. Place your doodad (a mini deer) on your rocks.

Enjoy your mini bit of terra grande.
aka, terrarium.

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  1. That's cool.

    I love how it's a 31 minute project ;)


    1. (smile)...I might have spent a whole weekend on these 31 minute projects (smile).

  2. These are lovely, I gotta see if I can do this! I discovered you on Happy Hour Projects and I'm now following. I would love if you could follow back! Tx

  3. These look great, and we love how quick you can finish them! Thanks for linking up to Strut Your Stuff Saturday. Hope to see you again next week! -The Sisters

    1. Thanks for hosting the link up. Will definitely be back! Now that I have time to get crafty with it, I'll actually have something to link up (smile).


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