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Oh Texas How I Miss Ya'll | SAVE in San Antonio

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All opinions are 100% mine.

Ya'll know that I'm a Texan right?
Well, if you relied on my accent to gather that much,
then, actually, you probably didn't.

Missing accent aside,
I'll wait for you. I bet YOU don't have a town about your city.

I digress.
Though I grew up in El Paso, TX, 
it wasn't until I was an adult living in New York state 
that I actually ever got to visit San Antonio.

Sure, it might "technically" be closer,
but driving across Texas just feels longer.

We always went west on road trips growing up.
That is, of course, until I moved out.

Now my family is in San Antonio seems like every other weekend.
  Which makes this actually a really great opportunity for them.

They knew this but did YOU know that San Antonio is one of the nation's most affordable vacation destinations?
Now, with SAVE – San Antonio Vacation Experience you can take advantage of Limited Time Offers to get more than $600 in savings to theme parks, animal adventures, top shops and historic tours.
Not to mention, great deals on places to stay. 
Whether you're traveling on a dime (as is often the case with my family because they take a lot of kids along) or you're traveling in luxury (as was my case because I traveled a lot for business and even though they didn't pay for me to stay in luxury, those reward program points add up quickly), SAVE has an accommodation for every price point and need.
If you have to be in the heart of it all by the River Walk and the Alamo or you need to be closer to Sea World or the airport,
location specific needs can be accommodated.
SeaWorld Aquatica_Ray Lagoon Family.jpg
Six Flags SkyScreamer.jpg
I'm personally a Hilton girl (made it to their top tier)
so I'd be staying at the Hilton Palacio del Rio.

But the SAVE Hotel partners include Grand Hyatt San Antonio, Hyatt Regency San Antonio on the Riverwalk, San Antonio Marriott Riverwalk Hotel, The Westin Riverwalk San Antonio and many other hotels you might stay at as well.
Whether it is a visit to see Shamu,
or some wild roller coaster lassoing,
(is "lassoing" a word? Kinda like "ya'll's" is a word?)
you can get in to SeaWorld or Six Flags Fiesta Texas
along with many other attractions like
Schlitterbahn, Splashtown, Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch,
San Antonio Botanical Garden and more.
SAVE makes it easy to find deals & discounts in San Antonio. Check out SAVE – San Antonio Vacation Experience to get exclusive discounts, deals and limited time offers on some of San Antonio’s best hotels & resorts, theme parks, museums, shopping & more!
Did I just say shopping?
Why yes I DID just say shopping...

If I were going to San Antonio, I'd use SAVE – San Antonio Vacation Experience and here's what I'd do:
I would wake up from a late flight in to San Antonio at the (1) Hilton Palacio del Rio.

With the limited time offer,
I'd pay only $120 and I'd get
free self parking,
free wifi (so, you know, I could blog my experience)
and I'd get a $25 food and beverage credit.
That credit is good enough for my lunch.
Who says you don't get a free meal anymore?

I would do a (2) San Antonio narrated trolley tour through the heart of old San Antonio and save $2 with my SAVE coupon.  
Get to see the Alamo and River Walk without all that walking because you get unlimited all day trolley hop boarding
with your pass.
With the money I save,
that, my friends,
is enough to make a Starbucks chai a reasonable evening treat.
On the trolley, I'd likely meet someone who was mentioning a visit to the (3) Institute of Texan Cultures
You know I'm all over that and together,
we'd split the cost of a ticket because I'd have the SAVE hookup
for a buy one get one free admission deal.
When traveling lonely (or perhaps with my hubby),
two for the price of one is always a sure bet.
I'd use my SAVE (4) Market Square coupon for 10% off to likely buy some beautiful textiles (think rugs or large shawls or blankets) to bring home easily in my bag.
After getting my dose of culture for the day, you know I'd want to shop for some authentic artifacts to bring home. 
I would do dinner (5) at the Enchanted Springs Ranch. 
If this authentic movie set old west town
is anything like the one I went to in Arizona
(and, because it is Texas, we all KNOW it will be bigger and better), I'm going to get my inner cowgirl on with fun times
and a great chuck wagon dinner.
The $2 I save on admission will get me more Starbucks
in the morning after a wild night on the town.
After my morning Starbucks, you know I'm ready for a day of exploring and I'd use my $1 off admission to the (6) San Antonio Botanical Garden to get my garden loving on.
All in a long weekend's trip.
Might even find some time for waterpark floatting and relaxing.

What would you do in San Antonio?
Follow @SAVEinSA on Twitter
for updates on deals, limited time offers & ideas
to help plan your next trip to San Antonio!

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