Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pinterest Challenge- Summer Edition with Young House Love

Guess who FINALLY put all of that pinning to good use?
Well, that would be me!

See, I have this HUGE plant I call Beefy, 
and a skinny almost dead plant I call Spindly

Both of these plants need serious water.
And I'm about to go on vacation.
So a tiny little, gorgeous water bulb like this one

(image via here)

Was not going to cut it.

I was looking around my pinterest boards
when I saw these awesome vases by Valri Peyser

I thought to myself,
Self, you are no artiste. 
You do LOVE a Paint By Number

(or, in this case, a Pet by Number via here)

You DO have a billion empty tasty adult beverage bottles 
up in this here joint.

So the label removing began.
Interesting note:
Really cheap wine has REALLY stuck on labels.
Just. Saying. 
Barefoot Moscato

And also, that really good stuff,
from Napa,
those labels come off in sheets.
Probably so that you can frame it on your trophy wall
to prove that you have so much disposable income
that you COULD have thrown away that bottle 
(with the label that you've framed as a show off)
but you didn't.

Oh and for those keeping score.
Really REALLY good wine
(don't hate, I'm married to a wine snob)
has an etched glass label.

Then I broke out the primer to,
you know, lay a foundation on my bottles.

I was slapping it on good,
conveyor belt like

Which meant it was only a matter of moments
before Ms. Klutzo struck.

I think I still have some shards in my elbow.
Never fear.
Remember that love of paint by number?

I sketched some simple doodles
because I just can't freehand paint like that.

I used some basic acrylics, some tempura 
(note to the wise, tempura is pretty, but not sturdy)
even some glass/ceramic/enamelish paint I got off of freecycle.


I know. I still need a TINY
QUALITY brush so that I can do fine lines
with some more black
(always bet on black).

But for now...pretty snazzy.

I filled them up with water,
tipped them into the soil pots and
on the next day 
(seriously, these took me overnight w/drying time)
they all drank in the good life.

Ms. Spindly was super happy.
But not nearly as happy as Beefy, Big Girl and aPEARantly.

Why yes.
I name my plants.

This is what happens when you can't have children.

I'm linking all this pinteresting stuff up to the 
Summer Pinterest Challenge.
Over at Young House Love, they did a paint project too

And Michelle at Ten June did an awesome little nursery project
(not hating/bitter, it is THAT awesome of a project)

Katie at Bower Power made an awesome hideout teepee 
(with my love of Native Americana...I might need one for me)

And Kate at Centsational Girl built furniture
(yep, with power tools).
because she's an overachiever like that.

You should check out my award winning Pinterest boards 
not bragging, just saying, I'm winning on my boards.
especially in the kitchen
happens to be the room I spend the LEAST time in
and muck up the most with my DIY projects.


See the rest of the awesomeness I'm pinning and cooking up.

And you should check out the parties at each of those gal's blogs
to get your own tush in order and stop pinning and start doing!

What have you pinned and done lately?
Let's not talk about that horrible Texas Skinny Fries recipe
that's so popular right now...

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  1. Wow!! Those look so cool, and what a genius idea for actually using them - not just looking at their prettiness.


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