Friday, July 6, 2012

Your Complete Home - Outside in the Garden

I have a green thumb.
And, I might garden some.

As I spend a lot of time outside,
I find that more than home DIY, I LOVE to garden.

Unfortunately, I live in the PNW.
Though I did just buy this book
Backyard Bounty
which promises to have me gardening year round

my reality so far,
is that I only grow part of the year.
So that non-growing season is when I DIY.

All said, 
here is what takes up most of my time 

avoid buying any more petunias
easier said than done

LOVE this Hollyhock Cooks Yeast Dressing
fried green tomatoes
and fresh greens and edible flowers from my yard

 daily fresh lettuce from the yard

potato towers sprouting
sedum is my FAVORITE
hosta is a close second 
that bleeding heart took me TWO YEARS to grow


realizing how EASY
it is to grow peonies

 and I hoard dirt. 
All kinds of dirt.

those strawberries are going wild.
Threw some mint in with them
smoothies will be good this year!

I was not an iris fan.
Then I grew these orchid looking ones...

And also

 allium are another one of my faves.
Next year, I'm going to grow GIANT ones.

Like the ones at the Oakland Hilton.
Just saying.

 I'm STILL pulling up potato plants from last year on the other side of the lawn.
These towers better keep them contained.
Those artichokes...year 3 and they are FINALLY growing.

Sunchokes which are ALSO invasive.  
Which I actually love
because that is less space to fill
in some hard to grow spaces

I got over the "Petunias are expensive" thing.
I will always buy them end of season from here out
but MAN are they gorgeous.

You can check out my garden antics
on my instagram stream
not on instagram?
Check it out online


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  1. Thank you for stopping by my site and commenting so I could follow you to your garden site. I LOVE your writing and thought on gardening. We have alot in common ... I just want to get out and grow!!!

    I'm adding you to my list of favorite blogs and subscribing to your site so I can visit your garden often. Please don't be a stranger.

    @BG_garden on Twitter!

  2. I love peonies. Mine did not bloom this year, but they have for the past 6 years. I think they may need to be moved.


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