Monday, October 1, 2012

Another 31 Days | Thrift Store Loving | Day 1

I didn't really get done last year.
Because, really, I just got too busy.

Made it halfway through and you can click here
or on the logo above to get to the really awesome projects.
The most popular post of that series
was the Restoration Hardware
Tabletop Fire Bowl Hack.

To this day, I still get most of my blog traffic from Pinterest

But I digress.

So this year, I floated between two topics.
One topic, I think will actually be easy for me to write about,
but I'm just not ready to put it out there just yet.

Guess I should put it on deck for next year.
Or for December...seeing as I definitely need to blog 
more often.

All said, 
this year,
I'm going to blog about
31 Days of Thrift Store Loving.

This will be a scheduled series
(meaning, it will actually get completed this year)

and it will include everything from tips and tricks 
to transformations

to trips to the actual thrift store
and then some other thrifty loving.

Ready to get your thrift loving on?
Or to live vicariously through the Queen of Thrift?

Let's go hunting for thrifty bargains.

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