Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fall Gardening in the Pacific Northwest - Miracle Gro's Gardenieres

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So I've been a member of the Home Depot Garden Club for a little bit now.
Just recently, I found out that there is a really great program called the Gardenieres.

Gardenieres are hand-picked green thumbs led by master gardener, William Moss.
They are real-life people like you and me who are gardening enthusiasts.
They have real world experience when it comes to growing just about anything.

Essentially, being a Gardeniere would be my dream gardening and blogging gig.
Especially on the "real life" front.  You know, not an urban farmer, not a master gardener,
just an everyday young chic who grew up making mud pies, sticking stuff in the ground
and making it grow.

They should totally call me.
I need to do more searching, but in my quick search, I didn't see a Pacific Northwesterner.
And hey, us professional girls of color do the gardening thing too.
It's not just an older genteel lady's hobby anymore.

Matter of fact, I might have read at the Gardenieres site that gardening is the #1 hobby.
I'm down with that.

Call me! Or, email me.

I digress.

I do love that they are covering the country inspiring us to all get out in the garden.
And from there, get online and share the love. How fun is that?

One of my fave videos was by Teena Spindler, the West Coast Gardeniere.
She talks about an edible garden in her video

You should check out the Gardenieres and find some super fun fall projects to do.
Though most of the posts are how to and "set up shop" videos, not project videos,
I did get some ideas for keeping my gardening hobby going through the fall.

I especially liked Chris Cerven's video on Container Gardening 101.
Sure, I've been doing containers for a while now, but there is always something new to learn
if you're open to trying something different.

Because I actually do a lot of seed starting in the fall and winter, 
I figured a container gardening project would be a great idea to think about too.

Here's another quick video on creating a potted Herb Garden

And for those of you really hanging on to the outdoor season, it is time to plant bulbs

I need to pick up my fall season supplies.
I'll definitely get some Potting Mix for all the container projects.


I'm also going to pick up some supplies to shore up my trees on the side of the house.
Don't need another storm taking them out this year.



You should take a moment and visit the Miracle-Gro Facebook page.
You can chat with fellow gardeners,
share stories,
and, of course,
tell them that I should be a Gardeniere.  

Just. Saying.

Have fun with it and see you around the garden!

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