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Century 21 $500 Wardrobe Makeover & 2 Nights in NYC | Sponsored

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of CENTURY 21 for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

This is beyond awesomely huge.

I mean, who WOULD'NT want to go to NYC?
For 2 nights in the uber fab Empire Hotel!
And a $500 Wardrobe Makeover
at Century21?



I went to school in upstate NY.
Ithaca to be exact.


That there is an Ivy League school.
In New York.
So I knew my fair share of well-heeled, well-dressed New Yorkers.

Once, for Thanksgiving, I went home with a Jersey boy.
Oh wait...where was I going with this?

Oh. Yes.
Like the good guy who bats for the other side,
he asked if I had any interest in going shopping whilst across the river from NYC.


I was never an epic shopper.
I think he thought I might be a lost cause
until he mentioned that he could totally make me over for $200.
He knew I was a scholarship gal, evidently.

We never did actually end up shopping (for clothes).
But I did end up in NYC several other times and on one occassion,
when I was in one of those endless SuperShuttle 900 minute tours of the city,
I passed by a Century 21.

I roused from my "int he car for more than 45 minutes slumber" just in time
to see the most glorious sight for sore eyes.


We all know I have no sense of direction and my memory is shot so I was never able to:
a) find the shop right around the corner with all the "regular looking gals" walking out with bagfulls of stuff"
b) remember the name of the place

Fast forward a decade and 

This. IS. It!!!!

Century 21!

This place has incredibly low prices on brands like
Marc Jacobs, Giorgio Armani, See by Chloe, Valentino, Ferre, Emporio Armani, Armani Jeans, Giorgio Armani kids, Armand Basi, Faconable jeans, Oscar de la Renta, Malo, Guess, Lucky, DKNY, Calvin Klein and Columbia.

Yes, I must admit.  As a Texan in snowy New York, I was most excited by the prospect of affordable Columbia winter wear than I was about checking out the Valentino when I caught a glimpse of the place before. But you fashion savvy gals?

This. Is. IT!

What I love about stores like Century 21 in cities like New York and LA is that 
there are really great chances you'll run into someone famous.

OLIVIA.JPG (2 documents, 2 total pages)

Why hello Olivia!

Also, Century 21 is great because if you practice SOME restraint 
(say, stop in 1x p/week), the stock rotates often enough to make it worthwhile.

Of course, for me, this means I end up stopping in with something on my list and buying a bunch of other stuff because the prices are just THAT great.

And in 150,000 square feet at their Downtown Manhattan location,
there is just no way to walk out empty handed.

I mean, beyond looking lovely, you can outfit your man AND your home!

And the kicker?
Say you don't win the Empire Hotel sweepstakes and you don't get to go to NYC.
No biggie! You can visit the C21 website C21Stores.com to find the same top brands
for up to 65% off retail 100% of the time. 

It has been a while since I've been to NYC. I would LOVE to actually go there just to shop.
 I mean, I could use a wardrobe makeover, but just being in NYC for fun would be

I know I have readers from all over. Have any of you ever been to C21?
Been by it in a big blue Super Shuttle?

You should sign up to be a C21stores.com member for FREE.
You can even use my email as a referral (henderson(dot)bernadette@gmail.com).
I don't get any referral bonus or commission for that - just good karma for hooking you up.

I would totally jump on this Valentino scarf

Or this Missoni scarf

Or these Derek Lam Talullah Sunglasses

Visit the Century 21 Facebook page
and enter the Empire Hotel Sweepstakes for a chance to win a $500 C21 wardrobe makeover and a two-night stay at the iconic Empire Hotel in NYC! 

If you do win, make sure to visit BOTH Manhattan store locations:
Lincoln Square (1972 Broadway)
Downtown (22 Cortlandt Street)



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