Thursday, October 7, 2010

Faux Edison

I'm not brave
not like lots of girls
in home bloggity blog land

I'm not a fan of powertools
or electricity
or using power tools to put up
electrical thingamagigs

Like lighting fixutures
Or, plumbing fixtures for that matter.

Oh, I'll drill up a picture or two.
But the real stuff, I leave to Mr. Handy.

For now.

That said, I loved the look of Pottery Barn's Edison chandelier
And at the top of the landing,
in our home
there is a fixture cap
which I imagine hides the wires for those brave enough
to install their own fixture
they ran out of fixtures in our home
and didn't think we'd need one more
in that very obvious space

No biggie.

I loved this nook

Reading Room Nook - Top of the Landing, Pinehurst

You can see the light fixture cap in the ceiling of this photo
It would be great to have a real lighting fixture in that space
you know, to read by
But since I live in the land of the sun/not sun
(just depends on the time of year)
I can get by with natural light from the window
Note that I didn't say "sunlight" because,
well, that stuff needs to be bottled when it shows up here

I digress.

I wanted to make a Faux Edison.
So I gathered the following supplies

Faux Edison Parts | Pinehurst Reading Nook

I found the coil of rope at Goodwill (of course)
But then decided that I wanted the rope with the blue label
from Home Depot
I picked up the clear globe bulbs in three different sizes
from the Habitat Store, Wal Mart and Goodwill
(noticing a trend here?)
I got the bag of gray couplings 
in the plumbing section at Home Depot
and I picked up the eye screws from Home Depot too.

Score Orange!

The craft paints were picked up in the great 
Freecycle paint heist.

Faux Edison Bulb Making| Pinehurst Reading Nook

I used a bit of Gorilla glue
and some washers I had on hand
To glue a washer to one end of the couplings
that I had painted black.

On the non-washer end of the coupling
I glued my light bulb to the coupling
Because, they're not really going to light up and all

Faux Edison Couplings and Bulbs| Pinehurst Reading Nook

The washer on the other end was so that I could take this

Faux Edison Step 1,283,789| Pinehurst Reading Nook

and end up with this

Faux Edison All Strung Out| Pinehurst Reading Nook

I used different lengths of rope,
different sized bulbs
and now, I just need to get the guts
to put it on my ceiling

Yeah.  I'll keep you posted on that.

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