Sunday, October 3, 2010

Faux Milkglass

Milk glass is all the craze.

Allow me to show you how to make your own faux milk glass

Faux Milk Glass Vases

What I love about milk glass is the milky (imagine)
consistency of the glass.

What I love about faux milk glass is the clear (imagine, again)
completely see through "layer" of external glass that peeps through to the white stain.

It's awesome!
To get your own, you will need to gather:

some clear, clean glass
some white paint
some patience
and place to work on
(preferably NOT your black granite countertops)

Quilted Glass Vases

I chose to use this set of three quilted glass vases.
I love the texture
I love the shape
I love the trio
Just enough to risk completely
screwing them up

Acrylic Craft Paint

For my paint
I had the choice
between using a white acrylic craft paint
(which we all have in abundance)
or some of the white laquer
that coats all the trim in my house
(which we don't all have, but I do and I love it so boo on you)

I started with the craft paint.

Clean, dry, pour in paint

And it looked...well...milky.
I wanted a thicker coating than what I got here

Streaky acrylic results, go for the lacquer

So I broke out the big guns
Don't hate on a sister.
Rodda paint (a PNW company) is AWESOME!

Rodda Lacquer

Which gave me to die for coverage
as seen in the short vase to the left.

One coat of acrylic and one coat of lacquer later

Faux Milk Glass

For under $5,
($1 each for the vases,
$1 for the craft paint
$1 for your patience)
You can have lovely faux milk glass too.

And trust me, it is so much more fun
to create pieces that fit your style
than to have to hunt for years on end
for a non-grandma piece of milk glass

Not hating.  It's a style.
That I love
My husband, not so much.

Go forth and conquer!

Oh and yeah!
I still have milk glass to give away right?
Perhaps we should jump start that
starter collection of real milk glass

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