Saturday, October 9, 2010

Found and Used | Bow and Arrow

Remember how I went to the Pac Gal Flea
And I found this stash of goodness

Pacific Gallery Auction House
Annual Flea Market | Seattle | 2010

I blogged about that trip of awesomeness
at b3HD [the original] in this
It was awesome.

But do you see that bow poking out of the stash?
Look closer...

okay, here's a better shot of it

Pacific Gallery Auction House Bow & Arrow get
Annual Flea Market | Seattle | 2010

If you didn't make the jump to read the original post
let me sum it up really quickly for you:

I. almost. cried.
When I saw this set.
I had been on the lookout for an authentic Native headdress
to go in this space
And even though I DO live in the PNW
after having come here from Upstate NY
by way of New Mexico

Somehow, I had managed to never come across one
I was so obsessed
that when I first passed by this very childish
not authentic get up
I was completely blind to it

Then, I was thinking of the basket (that I hung it in front of)
and how maybe I would fill it with something
When out of nowhere, this vision came to me
and I thought to myself
"self...didn't you just see a bow and arrow here somewhere?"

I roamed back over, and when I picked it up
and she told me the price
(you WILL have to make the jump for that story - CLASSIC!)
I think I might have actually shed a tear.

All together, that powder room is coming along nicely

Main Floor powder room

I just need to come to grips with whatever design vision
was in my builder's head
when he put up that mirror.

Or maybe, that was the doing of my neighbor's sister.


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