Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sought and Found | Driftwood

Did you happen to know that collecting driftwood
on many WA state beaches that you might normally frequent
(ie, those that are maintained by Seattle Parks and Rec)
is illegal?

But that collecting driftwood on WA beaches in general
(outside of Seattle and the many other muni codes you may run into)
is okay?

Well, I'm a law abiding gal
Who mostly hangs out in Seattle
So I didn't think I would press my luck.

Although for the longest, I have wanted to come up with something like this

Gorgeous photos of a WA cabin I almost stayed at
Taken by a great blogger that I follow
but, for the life of me, cannot now peg these photos to

I suggest you visit all 20ish of the blogs listed over there ----->
for more eyecandy like this

And if they are your photos
please (let me know)
and thank you
(for adding another obssession to my list of must haves)

So when I was in Goodwill (over by Southcenter)
the other day
I was on their massive wood and wire basket isle
and my eye spotted this
in the hands of a child

Goodwill $10 Challenge, Bag of sticks

What in all hell would a kid want with a bag of sticks?

Thankfully, her mother had no clue either.
She hollared for that child to put down the bag of sticks

And I may have tripped over someone's cart
whilst making a mad dash to grab it up.

I had already determined that I would spend $10 on this bag of sticks
wrongfully convinced that I wouldn't get out of Seattle
long enough to amass my own collection

Might have.

I am pretty certain that I DID gasp out loud when I saw the price
was 2.99.

And I may have said "Thank you Jesus" out loud, at the cash register
when the sister gal in front of me
turned to me and gave me her 50% off coupon
because they were not letting her use it on whatever she was trying to use it on.

1.50 for all of this

Goodwill $10 challenge, Bag of sticks

I'm feeling all sorts of driftwood art coming on

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  1. OH MY GOODNESS! Are you kidding me right now with that wood....I have so manyy ideas going on in my head!!!I have been looking for some wood planks to make a headboard...and these are so beautiful! I love it when people don't know what to do with amazingness!!! Thanks for linking! Hope to see you a lot more! Welcome to Thrifters Anonymous!



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