Thursday, November 11, 2010

Usually | My House

Most of the folks who follow this here blog
Are people who have actually been to my house

And met my puppymutt Ashley
And seen my house....uhhmmm...

"fully staged"
You know, for guests.
For photos.
For the heck of it.

But when they put two and two together, they're curious how we really live.

Let me show you
Main landing

Given that my chair/nook
are right in front of her fave window
the one she always spends the day at
to the point that neighbors walking their kids
past our house
are often overheard saying
"look, up there...see the puppy?"

First, I would come home to the chair tossed to the side
so that she could get to said window

Then she started exploring my fave world
(you remember the cool knickknacks nook post right)
with her little puppy paws and puppy teeth

And I had to remove all said coolness
to the bathroom

That we never use

How do you live when the camera and the blog
are not on?

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