Sunday, November 7, 2010

On Deck | Scrap Room in a box

it isn't like we don't have a ton of space
for a real sized scrap room

But the reality is that I do most of my scrapbooking

And, the more space I have, the more "stuff"
I acquire

So I'm going to relinquish the biggest guest bedroom
so that it can be a guest bedroom again

I'm going to organize my computer desk in the office
So that that can be an office again

And I'm going to squeeze all my "hobbies"
into a this closet

Scrap Closet before

Using pretty much the furniture already in there
and these shelves that I got off of Freecycle
(aka, for free - well, if you don't count the 97 tears
8 gallons of sweat and full tank of patience)

Freecycle shelves for scrap nook

I estimate that this project will only take me
half of forever
to even get started

There's the small matter that I cannot GET to said closet
because there is a whole bunch of baggage in the way

Physical and emotional

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