Monday, November 29, 2010

Vintage Finds | Two French Hens - Bingo Cards

I love some bingo
Not like my mom and auntie do
but it reminds me of my granny
and how I got to spend lots of
quality time with her
at the bingo hall

I love the blotters
but I imagine
that if I would have had these
really unique, reusable
very sustainable
bingo cards
from back in the day

Vnacouver, WA antique bingo card

I would still find my way
to the bingo hall today.

Two French Hens
is a great little store
right next door to my
fave thrift store of all times

It is in Burien
right next to the Salvation Army
They also have a nursery
right next door
That I think I may have to visit
this spring.

What are some of your fave antique markets?

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