Sunday, November 14, 2010

Growing on me

A while back
I asked ya'll if I should
or should not
paint this mirror black

 Dining Room Mirror Original

ya'll said heck yeah.
Which meant that really,
I'd just be doing what everyone else
thought was cool
(I mean, really, that's what it means)
And I would be (potentially)
throwing away a perfectly good mirror
if it didn't work out right
A perfectly good mirror that has some really
history for us.
And so I thought to myself
"Self, it really isn't THAT bad is it?"
And you know what,
it is starting to grow on me
Once I got through the
"with gray and charcoal walls, everything must be nickel/satiny/silver"
I really started to like the idea of maybe darker gray walls
and keeping the mirror gold
Especially with the mustard colored curtains in there now
and maybe some gray trim on the curtains
(which needs to happen anyhow because the curtains are too short)
I think it might really grow on me
Thanks for helping me to see the light
I'm going to procrastinate hold off a little longer
and see if it really grows on me

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