Wednesday, April 6, 2011

3,489,746 bulbs later

Last November,
I was miserable

It was about 2 weeks
since I had learned about
our puppy dog Ashley's
terminal kidney condition

We were told it was a matter
of days, not weeks
and certainly not months

I had just stocked up on a ton
and a half
of spring bulbs
which I was looking forward
to planting
with my digger, garden-loving puppy

For weeks, I could not bring myself
to go out into my yard
I would look out there
I would see the garden
I would see her running excitedly through it
and I would

Finally, really way too late in November
I went out
with a huge tub of bulbs
and I planted Ashley's garden

I cried with every bulb I placed
She would help me dig them back up
and I would refuse to get frustrated
just so sad that she wouldn't be around
to actually see things bloom
and grow
in our garden

it crushed my soul
I honestly thought I wasn't
going to be able to garden
this year

Melodramatic much?
She was my first puppy.
I vowed she would be my last.

what feels like 3,489,746 bulbs later
and maybe at least 78 inches of snow
and 932 days passed when spring should have sprung

I harvested these

From here

With help from her

Thank you Lord
for the beauty of this life
you gift me with everyday

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