Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Thrifty, simple dining room chairs

So...I got the chairs off of craigs list
For free

With a huge table
that I really need to redo
but that I don't use in my dining room
because I already have a table there
that I love.

All said,
about 4 months ago
(maybe 5)
I took the chair seats off the chairs

I started to prime them
in white
with a brush

and I gave up halfway through

So I was a but dubious
as to whether
black spray paint
was really going to do the job

and it did
but that is no where near
the end of this here story

I took the seat cushion
and unpried about 974 staples

to get rid of
the hideous green
mini plaid checked fabric
that was pretty beat

Then I had to walk away for 17 hours or so
to contemplate
which black and white fabric
I was going to
recover the seats in
because you know the drill...

...if it ain't black
or white...

supposedly, I don't do it.

from a distance
one of these bold print fabrics
looks a lot more black
than white
that's the one I went with

That I picked up 4 yards of this print
for 5.50 (50% off or it ain't coming home with me)
had me doing the happy dance.

I think I'll use the more white fabric
(which is actually a curtain)
in the place I bought it for
you know,
as curtains
in the yet to be unconceived
child's room.

Just saying.

I am starting to love prints.
In miniature doses of course.

Happy house frittering!

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