Thursday, April 21, 2011

Need List: Entry way rug

I need a rug
for this entry way.
It has become the puppy runway
which means the hardwoods
are nicely aging
in the same way that my dining room table
is "nicely aging"

I like the table
he does not like the table

He likes the puppy runway
I do not like the puppy runway

At the very least
I would like to
replace the rug by the door
(look closer)

But ideally,
I'd love a runner
that could run the whole length
of that hallway

Only problem?
I would need at least 2
extra long runners
(we've got about 20 - 21 linear ft there)
And that gets pricey

Thinking of maybe using some
Flor modular carpet.

What do you think?

As is
I think my housekeeper
is going to quit
once she realizes
a certain puppy
has taken to running
up and down the hall.

The other folks we almost hired
wanted to charge a premium
to clean our hardwoods

Does hell go with no?

Yes, it is pitiful that I have a housecleaner
No, it is not pitiful that I will do what it takes
to save this marriage

We're workaholics
so someone has to do it
and I'm too busy reupholstering chairs
to do it myself

I jest
But really
it was kind of embarrasing
to hire someone just to clean
my toilets

which is all I really wanted
So they clean our main floor
and bedroom

Yes, it is a bit embarrassing to note
that my housecleaner
comes as a "they" (it's quicker that way).

Don't hate the player
hate the game

I hate it too
gourmet puppy food
and a non-sponsored
DIY blog
means I get to work
attrocious hours
for the man
to come out of pocket

Life's tradeoffs.
you do you
I'll do me

Till I get knocked up
and can justify
being a stay at home mommy
to more than just a dog.

These are the things I struggle with
on the daily.

Carry on.

Linking up to the Roomspirations blog hop.
Check it out! Entryways to inspire.

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