Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Found and Lost - Woe in Thrifty Shopping

You know
that I know
that if you don't buy it
when you see it
you should not
expect it to be there
when you finally
make up your mind
especially at a thrift store.

Here are the recent Finds
that I left behind

Some were lost
at thrift stores because someone else loved them more

Others are still waiting for me to hit the lottery
and go back and buy them

Still others would never come home with me
for all the tea in china

but I can still love them from afar.


1. Pac Gal Nautical Love 2. DIY Inspiro: Super Sized Dice 3. Driftwood ROUND Mirror
4. Best Clock I never had 5. Gorgeous Boudoir Chair
6. DIY Inspiro: Unbound Books & Vintage Silver Serveware
7. Best Unsteal Ever: My pillow for 10 times the price I paid for it
8. Sat on these (literally) for too long and missed out
9. His "but why?" was withering. Because they were $20. That's Why!!
10. Fru Fru Apothecary Jars 11. Reupholstry Project Chair - Loved the Stripe
12. DIY Inspiro - Linen Fabric Mat | Stitch Art on Linen
13. Cameras and Signage oh. my. 14. If only it came with a parrot for that price
15. Beautifully curvy investment

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