Friday, June 17, 2011

Entry Hallway Rug - Check?

Remember how I was looking for an entry way runner?

Did you find any that I should go buy
so that you could live vicariously through my rug love?

Not even just a little rug
to replace the one you can't see in front of the door
in that picture above?

What do you think of this?

I like that it is an entry rug (not a runner)
Don't like that it didn't fit the way I wanted it to
but this is starting to grow on me.
To commit or not to commit.
That is the question.

According to my House Beautiful Mag

Black and white stripes are an
"always in-style design pattern."

Promise I bought the rug
for $8
from the Grocery Outlet
(yes, my puppy is loving her non-organic diet nowadays. not)
months ago
before I saw the House Beautiful article.

Once I do another garden post,
you'll have to see what I did
with one of their 100 hardware store finds.

And that I did for the first time
10 years ago, when I was living in NM.

I just need to find some deeper ones.

You'll see.

For now, the rug.

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  1. love love love B&W stripes. i have them in my foyer as well.


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