Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Indoor Grass (aka sprouting Wheat Berries for Wheat Grass)

A while ago
(that seems to be a trend for me lately...
the whole "a while ago" thing...)

I looked up,
on YouTube
instructions for growing wheat grass

Convinced that my puppy would love me more
for giving her grass
instead of her having to scavenge for it in the yard

Note to self - that was a phase for her
AND...she prefers to scavange

So I really now grow it only for the form
no longer for the function

Although, it seems to really do wonders
in my compost pile.

No matter.

During Week 22 Random Pinehurst,
you saw the last gaping breaths
of the YouTube version of wheat grass

That version,
quite frankly,
was super high maintenance.

Soak the seeds.
Rinse the seeds.
Soak again,
don't leave them too wet.
Put them in the dark.
Wet them again.
Still in the dark until they sprout.
Now gently lay them down to sleep
on a thin layer of soil.
imported from the Wheat Grass Gods on High.

Give. Me. A. Break.

Especially since that there wheat grass,
only went through two cuts
before it looked like this

so in typical
lazy b fashion

I skipped all that.

I broke out the old overgrown grass.
I wet the soil (which filled the pots)
I sprinkled a mess of wheat berries on top
(I like hard better than soft, but both grew for me)
and I stuck them in my sunny spots.

And this was 4 days later

A quick hair cut

And this was 2 days after that

At least there are no weeds
in this grass.

Happy summer
and easy indoor plant growing season.

Houseplants - especially those you grow from seed
are one of my fave, low cost, DIY supplies.

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