Sunday, August 28, 2011

Flora Nirvana - McClendon Hardware

I confess.
I would spend my whole
(really substantial)
paycheck on flowers.
If only I didn't go out of control in the store
only to not really gauge how much time it takes to plant them
and grow them
in my yard.

All said,
there are really about five places I shop for plants:

Fred's [Hobby] Wholesale Priced Nursery up the road
Home Depot/Lowes clearance racks
Fred Myer
Wal Mart clearance rack
McClendon Hardware

I know.
It is quite the assortment.

Today, let me introduce you to the place
where I pay full price
all the time
because the plants are that great.

McClendon's Hardware is a local (I think) semi-chain hardware store.
Think ACE without the nationwide network
but with the hometown feel
and the everything you could possibly ever want to buy inventory.

There is a McClendon's by my work and one on the way home by Wal Mart.
This was my recent trip to the one by Wal Mart.

They had these gorgeous fuschia baskets for $10 each

I promptly left it on my porch
not hung up
forgot to water it
and killed it in 3 days.


You already know the fate of my .99 each colorspots
(I love their color spot specials)

What I love about the Renton McClendon's is the variety.

I need to purchase moss, like I need another hole in my head.
I mean, people try to kill all sorts of this stuff off for days on end.
Although I do have some rocks that I want to grow specialty moss on.

Now that we finally stained the side gate,
I really want to do a really large pot
and stick some wisteria in it
and grow it over the side.

I'm sure he (who shall not be named)
would L.O.V.E that.  Something about
wood rot
and plants too close to foundations

All things considered.
This is one of my many Flora Nirvana stops

Where do you shop for living decor?


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